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Stretch Marks & Excess Skin: Dealing With the Unwanted Side Effects of Weight Loss

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Losing weight is a triumphant feeling but it can be marred by the tenacity of excess skin, an unwanted side effect. While the human body cannot achieve the impossible, there are things you can do to curtail unwanted stretch marks and loose skin. Here’s to dealing with excess skin and marks.

Target the Tough Fat

Some get anxious about unwanted skin. Often there is still fat in that area. Some parts, such as the inner thighs and lower stomach, are areas where fat goes first but comes off last. There is no way to ‘target’ an area of the body. You can grow muscle in an area, which helps burn fat throughout the body. You can’t, however, do a bunch of sit ups expecting to shed pounds from the waist. Cardiovascular activity and a good diet ‘targets’ tough fat and helps achieve a leaner figure.

Nourish the Skin’s Cells

The skin is the body’s largest organ, consisting of many cells. Keep the skin nourished and moisturized, facilitating adaptability, and in cases of bariatric surgery, reparation. Discuss options for a daily moisture regiment with your doctor or dermatologist.

Start Exercising

Steady exercise promotes good blood flow and keeps cells healthy. It’s another way to lessen the unwanted effects of sudden weight loss. Conversely, don’t do things, such as smoke cigarettes and impede good blood flow. Don’t make exercise a monthly fad. Make it a regular part of your life to get all of the benefits.

Take Colder Showers

Warm showers are relaxing but they are not the best for the skin. Colder showers are better in supporting elasticity. The next time you’re in the shower, dial the warm water back a bit and get used to taking colder showers. It can’t do miracles but helps in supporting tighter skin.

Speak with a Surgeon

Surgery is one way to get rid of excess and unwanted skin. It’s not the best or only solution, so speak with an experienced surgeon about your options. Some surgeons want to see signs of a lifestyle change before allowing patients to commit to surgery. Surgery is a solution but it can’t fix a habit. Yo-yo dieting often refers to short-term inconsistency but some struggle with weight for decades. Go to Roxy Plastic Surgery services for more info.

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Eat Better

Like exercise, a proper diet is related to healthier skin. Survey your weekly diet and seek improvement by eating more vegetables, fruits, and unprocessed foods. It’s not a solution that works overnight, but a healthy diet does influence the entire body, especially its largest organ. Visit dietician websites or make an appointment to speak with a dietary specialist.

Try Over the Counter Solutions

Over the counter, products help promote skin health. Vitamin E, for example, comes in liquid form and can be used as a topical solution. Doctors and specialists prescribe or suggest using products to supplement a better diet and increased exercise. Try a few products after speaking with a store rep, take pictures to record results, and consult a doctor if irritation ensues.

Don’t Be Fooled

Be aware of your situation in wanting a remedy. There is no wonder cure for excess skin and stretch marks. Yes, a number of proposed solutions exist. But don’t pull your wallet out every time you see a promise associated with an in-store or television product. Manufacturers prey on people who desire a quick and sure answer that no one else can seem to deliver.

Read Up on Lasers

Laser therapy targets stretch marks by promoting collagen growth. The heat from lasers is thought to cause skin growth. The new elastin can influence the appearance of stretch marks on the surface. Such a procedure differs from something like a tummy tuck, which does not address stretch marks but can improve appearance.

Polish the Surface

Microdermabrasion involves polishing the skin’s surface so as to reveal a smoother exterior. It helps in lessening the unsightly appearance of stretch marks. Repeat sessions are recommended as the process polishes the top layer of skin while promoting new skin. This method may work well for those who have allergies to lotions and gels.

Read Online Forums

As mentioned, multiple solutions exist as well as swindlers who pitch promises they can’t deliver. It helps to read online forums that feature anecdotes of those who have tried topical solutions, had surgery or sought at-home solutions to lessen the appearance of stretch marks. Similarly, a doctor or plastic surgeon may be able to put you in contact with previous patients.

Olivia Jenkins is a woman in her 40’s who has some self-esteem issues when it comes to how her body looks after 2 babies. But she knows she has to be comfortable in her own skin and has found some ways to do just that which she now shares in her writing.


  • Amy-Anne Williams

    Oh I didn’t really realise that about cold showers, but isn’t it really uncomfortable to shower in cold water? I tend to go for water so warm I have steam coming off my skin when I leave lol.

    Little Moon Elephant

    • What I do is alternate. I start with cold water, and then turn on the warm, and then end my shower with cold water. But I should also mention that I live in a tropical country that’s why I end my shower with cold water because it’s warm where I live.

  • Diana Maria

    I love taking a cold shower after a nice workout whenever I can! Thank you for these tips, I used to feel so self conscious about my stretch marks but have learned to accept them as part of who I am xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

  • Amanda

    This is a great post! I feel like people only discuss the glamour of weight loss and not the true side effects like your said.

  • Thanks for sharing this information! I’m going to try & take colder showers from now on. We’ll see how that goes haha

    TFM Life & Style blog

  • Wow, so interesting post, so nice!

  • Thanks for the tips! loosing weight is one of the trickiest things to navigate!

  • Jenn Dalisay

    Thank you for this very informative article! I do suffer from stretch marks on my butt and my stomach (for some reason I don’t know) and I really want to get rid of it. Thank you for all your tips! 🙂

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  • Such a great post! I still have stretch marks from having a baby and feel like I can never wear a bikini again 🙁

  • Awesome + informative post, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • I definitely need to exfoliate more. These are some great tips x

  • Brilliant tips – this post really tackles the true side effects of losing weight and is so helpful.

    Heather xx