shoes online shopping

What you are wearing on your feet is one of the first few things that people notice about you. Therefore, great shoes make a good first impression. However, fashion should not be the only thing on your mind when going out to shop for shoes. Foot care is also important and neglecting it can result in a number of foot ailments.

Good shoes are those that keep your feet in great shape and provide enough support to your frame. Here are some valuable tips to help you buy shoes with PayPal from a variety of online stores that are good for your feet.

Have your feet measured every time you want to buy shoes

Foot size changes with age and your last foot size may no longer be the right size for you. Moreover, have both feet measured. Apparently, many people have one foot larger than the other. If that is found to be the case, your correct shoe size is the one that fits the bigger foot.

Go shopping in the afternoon

Unknown to many, our feet are not the same size throughout the day. They naturally expand as they are used and are largest in the afternoon, especially in hot weather. Therefore, the best time to buy shoes your size is in the afternoon.

Choose comfort over shoe size

In some cases, a shoe may have the correct size marked inside but may not feel comfortable. Shoe sizes from different manufacturers vary and how the shoe feels may be the best way to find out your best fit.

Stand and walk about in the shoes

Even if the shoes feel comfortable, you should stand and move about in them to test them further. Check whether there is enough room (about half an inch) at the front to allow your feet to press forward when you walk. Does your heel fit in the shoe comfortably with minimum slipping if any? The right shoe for your feet should not move up and down your feet as you walk.

Buy shoes shaped as your feet

The best shoes for you are the ones shaped as your feet. Pay as much attention to the width of the shoe as you do on the length. If you find shoes your size but your feet feel compressed on the sides, ask whether they also come in wider sizes. Some brands make provisions for people with wider feet. However, do not buy shoes any wider than your feet.

Examine the soles

The sole is as important as the upper part of the shoe. Check whether they are strong enough to protect your feet if you accidentally step on a sharp object. Try them on different surfaces. Are they as comfortable on a hard surface as they are on a carpet?

Match the shoe to the activity

Different shoes are tailored for different activities. For example, if you are buying gym shoes, make sure what you purchase are the right shoes for going to the gym.