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Sheet masks are a quick and convenient way to give your skin a boost – just put one on, leave until your skin has absorbed all of the nourishing essence, and toss out; no need to apply or spread with your fingertips or wash off after. Adding a sheet mask to your usual skincare routine not only pampers your skin, it can also soothe you and help you feel more relaxed, knowing you’ve given yourself an extra fifteen to twenty minutes of me-time. They come in all shapes and flavors, targeting different skin concerns. Below, we list down our favorites:

innisfree acai berry sheet mask review

Acai Berry

A native of South and Central America, the acai berry’s popularity gained much traction in the last few years because it has properties that promote weight loss. This delicious berry comes from the acai palm tree and has the appearance of a purple-red fruit that’s about an inch in length. The fruit is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, B, C, and E. The antioxidants derived from this berry help neutralize cell damage from free radicals. To allow your skin to enjoy the benefits of acai berry, you can put on Innisfree‘s Acai Berry It’s Real Squeeze Mask. This mask retains the berry’s reddish juice and its rich supply of antioxidants.

Manuka Honey

If you appreciate sweets sourced straight from Mother Nature, then you shouldn’t miss out trying sheet masks infused with Manuka honey. This honey is made by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush. Due to its antibacterial qualities, Manuka honey is often used to promote the healing of minor and chronic wounds, as well as prevent acne. It also contains methylglyoxal, which is known for its antibiotic properties. In the age of resistance to conventional antibiotics, Manuka honey serves as a go-to germ fighter for many people. Now, your skin can enjoy the same benefits through face masks infused with this sweet substance.

innisfree bamboo sheet mask review


The humble bamboo contains a wealth of compounds that can do a lot of good on your skin. It has phenolic acids, amino acids, and glycosides, allowing it to soothe the skin and serve as an astringent. Plus, it’s also rich in flavones, which give it high antioxidant activity. Wearing a mask impregnated with bamboo extract can do wonders for skin that has been subjected to high levels of oxidative stress.

innisfree bija sheet mask review


The mystical bija, also known as Torreya Nucifera, is an evergreen that is typically found in southern Japan and in the famed Jeju Island in South Korea. Before gaining popularity as a beauty ingredient, bija has been used in cooking, furniture and construction, and traditional medicine in Korea. It also serves as an insect repellant and for relieving cough and colds. Bija essential oil is said to have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities, which can be quite helpful if you’re suffering from acne and other skin problems.

innisfree kiwi sheet mask review


Refresh your skin by using a face mask derived from the zesty kiwi. Also known as Chinese gooseberry, the kiwi fruit is dense in nutrients and low in calories, which makes it perfect for a light snack. Now, it is also a popular face mask flavor, thanks to its antioxidant properties. It’s rich in vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system and help enhance cell repair.

Explore different face mask flavors and allow your skin to enjoy the benefits of these natural — and often mouthwatering — ingredients. You’ll not only get different skin care benefits, you’ll also add a bit of variety to your ‘me-time’ at the end of the day.