When preparing to have guests over to your home, it normally seems as though there are a million things to do beforehand. Whether you are hosting a holiday dinner for the family, a birthday party for the kids or a casual dinner party with friends, it is not difficult to become overwhelmed with all that goes into the planning and preparation process. In addition to the food, guest list, music, entertainment and everything else that goes into a proper get-together, you will need to take all necessary steps to ensure everything is in order.

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If you live in a condo, it may seem as though there are limitations to what can be done to take these necessary steps. Whether you own an Atlanta luxury condo or a casual place on the beach, things may be just the way you want them for everyday living, but hosting a gathering of friends, family or acquaintances requires very different elements.

Unfortunately, many of us look over these elements until the last minute. We find ourselves scrambling to remove clutter and mop the floors just before the guests arrive, and any serious improvements are out of the question in this case. But even if you only have a limited amount of time before the doorbell begins to ring, there are a few quick and simple condo fixes that can help your home shine, no matter the gathering. This guide combines a few of the most helpful and easiest of those, to help ensure your condo shines at your next party.

1. Wallpaper Fix-Up

In case you haven’t noticed, wallpaper has come back in a big way over the last few years. A great wallpaper treatment can be the perfect remedy for dull walls or uninspired paint jobs. If budget and time are limited, the paper does not need to cover the entire room to be effective; one papered wall can spruce up an otherwise dull room, or even just sections of the wall can be papered to improve the overall aesthetic.

If your condo is already riding the wallpaper bandwagon, ensure the paper is in good order before hosting guests. While a nice pattern of wallpaper can add flair and style to a room, peeling wallpaper gives the impression of a condo that is not well cared for. To fix this problem, take a knife and smear wallpaper paste onto a piece of regular writing paper. Rub the paper against the underside of the area of the wallpaper that is peeling. Then simply rub the wallpaper against the wall and slide the writing paper out and use a clean cloth to smooth away any bubbles.

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2. Lighting Upgrade

Any interior designer or knowledgeable homeowner understands the importance of proper lighting. While you could spend thousands on lighting upgrades that can give your home the appeal of an art gallery, this is obviously not an option if guests will be arriving soon. However, you can still improve the lighting of your home by installing new fixtures, adding a dimmer switch or even just updating the bulbs. This does not have to be a major project, and you can take it one room at a time if necessary.

3. Silencing the Squeaks

No one likes the annoying (and somewhat creepy) sound of squeaky door hinges. Even though this may not seem like a major issue, a loud squeak during a quiet break in the party can truly put a damper on things. To quiet the noise of your door hinges, simply get a can of WD-40 from any hardware or department store and spray it on said hinges. If you do not have time for a store run, you could use petroleum jelly as a temporary fix.

Additionally, a noisy floor can be even more troublesome– and more noticeable– than door hinges. Of course, actual repairs will take serious work, but you can temporarily quiet the noise before hosting. Sprinkle some baby powder or scentless talcum powder of the squeaky area and it sweeps it across the cracks in the floor.

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