You’d be hard-pressed to meet a guy who doesn’t feel more like himself when he’s adventuring out in the wilderness. Regardless of his preferred past time – be that hiking, hunting for game, horseback riding or camping with his pals – something about the outdoors makes him feel like his most natural self. If you’re one of these men, you understand the challenges of finding a shoe or boot that will last you on your escapades, one that is of high quality, superior comfort, and that will make you look good while lobbying.

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Too often you invest in a pair of boots that don’t last through the season, or that very quickly get damaged by mud and dirt or frequent use until the state of them is almost embarrassing. Retailers like Aigle, however, have handcrafted boots whose durability will match the energy and power you put into your favorite outdoor activities. They’re 100% waterproof and made from all-natural rubber so as to keep out the elements. Visit to see their full line of products that combine comfort and authenticity with style, and the high attention they pay to detail ensures your purchase goes a long way and survives many years.

Their Parcours series is likely the ideal boot for a man out in nature. These boots boast tri-density rubber soles, great for men who enjoy hunting, walking or hiking (the Bottillon style is especially suited for hikers thanks to its low placement on the calf; the fitted ankles also hold feet in firmly). The boots in this series have damping cushions in the heels that act as return springs, alleviating the amount of energy used to walk as the cushions offer support; the insole is also made from absorbent foam. Furthermore, the polyester interior of each boot dries quickly making them excellent for rainy weather, plus they have an excellent grip that’ll prevent slipping.

The Rboot Bottillon is a great alternative for gents whose outdoor activities are more leisurely; perhaps they enjoy working out on the deck, sailing, setting up camp in a nearby forested area, or taking their dog for walks by a local ravine. These laid-back boots are flexible and pressure absorbent offering optimal comfort. The Botano is also a durable selection for those who love working out in the yard. Irrespective of what style you choose – rest assured your selection carries on a 160-year long tradition upheld by a company known for manufacturing some of the most reliable and popular boots on the globe.

If you’re a man who is made for the outdoors, your footwear needs to be made for the outdoors as well. Rather than choosing a sub-par option that’ll only rip, tear, or become so worn to the point of being unwearable, invest in a pair of boots you can trust to support you on any adventure you set out upon. Choose a product that has enough strength and resistance to rival you own — one that can match any outdoor endeavor you choose.