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Today’s youth is a curious amalgam of prudence, farsightedness, and enlightenment, impatience, judgmental mindset, naivety, and concoctions. They are both wise and foolish at the same time. They are wise when it comes to careers and selecting the best occupation keeping their own interest and overall betterment in the first place. But, when it comes to finances, there’s an abysmal picture. More and more young adults are routinely getting gobbled by the chaotic mix of mainstream media, fashion from both television and the internet, and the adverts and of course the sea of e-commerce sites stationed in everyone’s smartphones. It’s pertinent to say that getting soaked up in something so gripping and everywhere around you is but customary.

Knowing the fundamentals

Just have a look around. Everywhere you see is fashion, fashion products, and promotions. Banners, hoardings, advertisements, and shows to glorify the chain make you eventually give into the irresistible hype created by brands and sites to mold your brains. It’s a make-believe world, much like those Hollywood action flicks of Deadpool or Iron Man. As a result, you end up paying for stuff you don’t need or never intended to buy in the first place. It’s a societal influence and people buy out of a religious duty to buy a certain number of clothes or type of apparel just to stay in the race! This is race is non-existent in reality. It’s a false and imposed one to amass wealth from wise yet knave and unsuspecting youth.

Mainstreaming fashion

There is a lot more happening out there than just those vacation sales, New Year offers or weekend discounts. Mainstream media television and internet rampantly shows ‘confessions of a celebrated Shopaholic’ where two broke girls can have no qualms in purchasing the things they wanted while having to borrow money for dinner. Then there’s ‘Sex and the City’ influence and believe it or not, this influence is just huge. Shows like these influence all viewers by portraying smartly how being on debt for your favorite brand is a common normality.

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The net effect

When you start believing that being in debt for that pair of shoes, watch or suit is common normality, it’s bound to inflict more damage to real life situations. First, you need to put aside money for household chores, if you have any. Then you have subsistence, which is most important. Healthcare is another area that most young adults systematically neglect.

The debt burden

The burden of paying off debt accumulated due to your fashion urge over a long stretch of time entails a high risk of affecting young adults’ bank balance and credit rating. You won’t be able to invest in a new home deposit or first owner structure in the future. Today’s media continues to emphatically overpower the perfect illusion of fashion and glamour. People keep falling for high-end labels. There are many who continue to pay their self-inflicted price to fit in when you can always fit in normally and still feel confident and good about yourself without the superficial need of some brands, making a hole in the pocket eventually.

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