When I finally decided to color my hair into something crazy, the first hair dye brand I ever used was actually Ion Color Brilliance, not Manic Panic. It was cheaper, they have the shade of pink that I like, and it was ready to use. No need to mix anything else. But is it good, does it last long, is it pigmented? Read this Ion Color Brilliance review to know if this is the right hair dye for you.

Take note though, this is a pastel color hair dye so it will only work on light hairs. If you have dark hair like mine, you must bleach your hair, preferably on level 10 blonde because of pastels especially the pink color is tricky. And that’s where I f*** up because my skin at that time still has a little yellow tone.

ion color brilliance rose

What is it?

Ion Color Brilliance is a semi-permanent cream hair dye that lasts up to 2 weeks. They claim to give you a vivid, and boldly-intense hair color. Ion’s formulas are PPD-free and enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, Pequi Oil, and botanicals to nourish and strengthen hair from within. They also claim that Ion Hair Color is gentle on hair, containing up to 38% less ammonia than the leading professional brands on the market.


APPLICATION: You can apply this on pre-lightened hair in two ways: 1) Put the formula in a bowl and apply it in every section of your hair using a brush. Or 2) use plastic gloves, squeeze the formula onto your hands and directly apply it on your pre-lightened hair since it’s ready to use.

SCENT: It actually smells sweet, the best scented-hair dye I ever used!

PACKAGING: It is packaged in an aluminum tube like a toothpaste and the box kinda looks cute showing the hair dye’s color.

ion color brilliance rose review - result - blorange rose hair pink
Sorry for the dog filter, this was taken last year when this filter was, well, every millennial’s obsession.

RESULTS: Compared to the ad photo in the top beside the product photo, my hair didn’t really turn the pink shade I like, instead, it’s more like blorange. But I know before coloring my hair that pastels are really tricky. Luckily, I ended up liking the shade.

However, I think another reason why my hair wasn’t “vivid and boldly-intense” rose pink is that it was noted one tube can color a medium-length hair and it actually didn’t! I have to scrap the product to the last drop because it’s not enough for my hair length.


PROS: It smells so sweet, ready to use, and affordable.

CONS: One tube is not enough for medium-length hair, actually, someone told me even 2 tubes are not enough. They’re not really highly-pigmented. It didn’t also last for up to 2 weeks, it only lasted less than a week for me.

Will I Buy this Again? Probably not, but I recommend this for people who don’t want to commit to a bold hair color.

Where to buy?

I bought my Ion Color Brilliance hair dye in Rainbowhead for Php550. But you could also buy it at Sally Beauty Supply for $5.99

Wha do you think of Ion Color Brilliance review? Would you try it?