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Mainstream media, television and the social media that we are madly glued to today projects a huge ambit of look books, fashion catalogs, and runway show peaks and inspirations.  You have awe-inspiring couture brands coming freshly from Europe like Gucci, Hermes, Coco Chanel, Moschino, Louis Vetton and Vera Wang and many more classy and high-end composite fashion ingredients to the creation of this evident and potential mainstream debt for young adults and youth of today’s society. Let’s face it. You no longer have to visit the stores and search the collections to get your pick. Now, everything is available over the phone and flurry of e-commerce sites selling these products have made this pandemonium.

Going for a mirage

The mainstreaming of grand, flimsy ideas and scoring with rhetoric has lead to a certain illusion. This illusion of feeling and becoming high-end fashionable instantly once wearing a specific fashion brand, a pair of shoes, brand handbag or simply clutching on to a branded wallet creates financial pressure on people who live in and out home. This media-fuelled lifestyle and attitude to fall prey to the advances of all fashion brands have resulted in debt for countless people across the globe. You end up spending more on clothes and then find yourself in a soup. That’s what illusion can do to you.

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A balancing act

This is more of a psychological study with sociological overtones. As Mark Twain said, “youth is fully experimental”, the fashion and e-commerce businesses are eyeing this youth and the unsullied extremes to double their revenue. It’s evident from the innumerable start-ups of e-commerce fashion outlets flooding the market today. Conventional markets wear a deserted most of the time and window shopping has become their insignia. The balancing of bills, rent, study materials and also looking fashionable is difficult enough, you might opine. But the balancing act is all you need at this juncture.

Sorting things out

Ask any regular young adult out there. Trying to fit into today’s fashion dominated society is tough as all are somewhat judged by their looks. Even though one can’t really afford certain clothes, they still manage to make it work for keeping up the appearances of chasing that elusive fashion goal. The quick fix of ads and small loan payments on television today showcases young adults opting for loans to shop. That’s just preposterous and dangerous too, financially because the ads won’t come to secure you and rid you from your debts. These theories are actually conditioning our society today. People feel it’s a normality socially to go into debt at a young age. All these efforts to just buy a $2000 shoes or $2, 500 watches or handbag is just ridiculous.

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The net derivation

You take all the efforts, channelize all existent and non-existent sources to take out that money only to realize that all those items are actually made from the same industries or factories. There are brands or humble tags that scale on the $30-$40 marks. That’s when hopelessness, self-alchemy and wisdom dawns on you. Prioritize on savings more and don’t get fooled by those ads.

In today’s time, it is very easy to spend beyond your pocket and fall into debt but it is really very hard to come out of it. Although sometimes it becomes essential to spend more and you fall into debt issues but if you make good efforts and do not make it a habit you can really make things easy for yourself. The best option available today to get relief from debt or bill issues is through bill consolidation loans. It is effective and helpful in bringing back your peace and make your life stress free.