While medium hair has its advantages, it can be problematic too. This is because certain hairdos only look good with long tresses. That notwithstanding, you can still style your medium length hair in an innovative fashion. Here are cute hairstyles for medium length hair.

braid hair beauty

Two Braided Hairdo

This is a simple hairdo, does not require much expertise and is suitable for every occasion and attire. For this hairstyle, you will need hair elastics, bobby pins, a fine comb, u-pins, light-hold hairspray, etc. To style this hair, you need to go with the following steps:

  • With the rat tail comb, partition your hair at the center, creating two halves.
  • Hold each part and tie each to make a high pigtail.
  • Part the pigtail into 2 parts.
  • Make two rope braids out of the hair to the edges.
  • Use the hair elastics to hold the end of the braids.
  • Put the braids over each other to make an updo.
  • Use U-pins to tuck in the braids.
  • Hold the flyaway hair with bobby pins.
  • Use the light-hold hairspray to enable it to stay in place

bridal hair bun braid beauty

Bun with Side Braids

This hairdo will enhance your feminine looks. Can be worn to parties, wedding ceremonies, etc. It will make you stand out from the crowd. For this hairstyle, you need U-pins, fine combs, hair elastic, light-hold hairspray. Follow these steps:

  • Divide the hair into two parts at the center
  • On each side, pick 2 sections from the root.
  • Wrap strands of hair from your neck around it to make the
    remaining hair into a ponytail.
  • Make a bun by coiling the ponytail around itself.
  • Keep it in place with U-pins.
  • Create side braids by using the face-framing strands in
    the braid with the 2 parts you left previously.
  • At the end of each section, hold the braids in place
    with hair elastics.
  • Wrap the over the low bun so they overlap each other.
  • Use the light-hold hairspray to finish off.

french knot hair beauty

French Knot

This is a stylish and beautiful hairdo to sport and it is easy to make and maintain. You will need a fine comb, paddle brush, bobby pins, U-pins, light-hold hairspray, hair curlers and small hair elastics. Here are some steps to follow if you want to make this style;

  • Create an off-center partition.
  • Use the hair curlers to make the edges of your hair curl.
  • Brush the hair on the smaller part backward and hold it with bobby pins.
  • To make a French twist, roll the remainder of your hair to the opposite side.
  • Hold the twist in place with U-pins.
  • Complete the styling using the light-hold hairspray.

sock bun hair beauty

Sock Bun

A typical Ballerina hairdo, it is simple to make and manage. You will need a U-pin, sock, bobby pins, a fine comb, hair elastic. Here is how to make it:

  • Hold your hair behind and make a tight ponytail.
  • Using the bobby pin, attach the sock to the end of the ponytail.
  • With the ponytail in the socks, roll the hair upwards smoothly till you get to the base of the ponytail
  • Make a bun shape and hold it in place with the bobby pins.
  • Ensure that the sock is hidden by rearranging your hair.
  • Keep the bun in place using the U-pins


Thinking of sporting a medium length hair? No problem as we have got you covered. Try these simple but beautiful styles and turn heads your way.