Beauty Sleep Tips To Wake Up Looking Fantastic

We all want to look our best, particularly in the morning when we are rushing to get ourselves or the kids ready. Some of us just don’t have the time to devote to putting on a full face of makeup, and we want to have a routine that we can accomplish quickly.

However, sometimes we have breakouts or our skin just is not looking its healthiest, which leaves us frantically trying to fix our faces in the morning.  Here are six beauty tips to wake up looking fantastic.


Sleep is probably the best and cheapest beauty tip that I can give you. You should get between seven and nine hours of sleep for optimal beauty rest and regeneration, according to WebMd.

During the time that you sleep your body is fixing itself. It doesn’t have to worry about sun or element exposure, so this is the time in which new collagen is being created by the body and blood flow increases, which gives you a natural glow. On top of that, sleep will lessen your dark circles and under-eye puffiness. Getting enough sleep allows you to look rested, and be rested, which is the perfect start for your day and your skin.

Makeup Removal

It’s very easy after a long day when you feel exhausted to forgo removing your makeup or washing your face but don’t!! Not removing your makeup can lead to clogged pores and acne, and leaving on your eye makeup can potentially lead to infections.

Makeup removal wipes are good in a pinch, but really it is best to purchase a makeup remover.  Additionally, when you wash your face you need to make sure you really do a thorough job to remove the stuff you cannot see, like dirt, oil, and sweat.  You can invest in an electronic cleansing brush if you need a little extra help.

Toner/Witch Hazel/Rose Water

Toner is a great step to add to your nightly beauty routine because it removes the makeup, dirt, oil and other debris that your makeup remover and facial cleanser did not pick up. If you have dry skin, avoid formulas containing alcohol as that can be too harsh on your skin and make it dryer than you want. If you cannot find a toner that works on your skin another great option is to use witch hazel.

It helps fight acne, reduces puffiness (especially under your eyes) and helps moisturize dry skin. Rose water is another good choice because, like witch hazel, it can help fight acne along with reducing redness. Much like toner, it can also help with the removal of makeup, dirt, and oil, and your skin will be feeling refreshed and relieved.

Night/Eye/Hand Cream

As previously mentioned, your skin does most of its regeneration and repair while you are sleeping which makes it the perfect time to utilize various creams. It is best to apply any types of creams after you have washed your face. The cleaner your skin, the more it is able to absorb.

When choosing a night cream, you want to look for ingredients like vitamin C and retinol. These will promote cell growth and collagen production along with helping to prevent the signs of aging. If you suffer from dark circles or under eye puffiness, reach for an eye cream. These are specifically made to combat those conditions. Using a hand cream will help moisturize your hands, and most types contain SPF which is incredibly important as your hands are often exposed to direct sunlight. Many contain anti-aging or regenerative properties, so do not skip the hand cream.  If you’re looking for a great eye cream, try this one that was reviewed by

Tie Up/Pin Back Your Hair

Your scalp naturally produces oils, and depending on how much is produced, it can leave your hair quite oily. You really want to avoid these oils getting on your face as it can lead to acne. So, tie up your hair in a bun or pin it for your best-looking skin.

Silk Pillowcases/Wash Your Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are really good for our hair, especially if we are prone to frizz or split ends. With silk, your hair is less likely to be affected by static that can happen with cotton pillowcases. If you can’t afford silk pillowcases or frizz and split ends are not a problem for you, just make sure you are washing your pillowcases often.

The reason for this is that our hair has oil, whether it is natural or we apply it. When you sleep, this oil gets on your pillowcases. As you toss and turn throughout the night, you end up sleeping in different positions and sometimes your face can actually end up resting in oil, which can again lead to clogged pores and acne.  

As a bonus, make sure your pillowcases are on top of a really comfortable pillow, and that you’re sleeping on the correct mattress so that you’re also getting the maximum amount of quality sleep. Sleep Advisor put together a wonderful list of the best memory foam pillows of 2017, and it’s a wonderful place to start if you’re unsure which pillow or mattress is right for you.

It is important to note that it is unlikely that you will see results overnight from any of these tips, but if you add these steps to your consistent routine, after about 21 days you’ll develop new habits, you’ll start noticing results, and ultimately you’ll not only look fantastic, you’ll feel fantastic as well.