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Modern dating has made some things easier for you, such as finding a potential love interest from your computer. But the most convenient sites and apps, however, can’t help if you’ve developed a number of bad dating habits. Such habits need to be broken if you’re going to be successful in finding the right one. You’re looking to meet other singles, but are you ready?

You’re Late

Few things can make another person think poorly before even meeting you. Being late is one of them. Some have a tendency to show up a few minutes later than expected to business meetings, dates, etc. It makes a poor impression on you and can make the other person assume you don’t take them seriously or care about their time. Some need to wind their watch back 15 minutes to ensure they are actually on time. Being late is a big mistake when looking for love and first meeting a potential love interest.

Don’t Mention Them

You may have gotten hurt badly by a former lover. But, dating is the time to make new connections. You don’t want to fill time talking about ex-lovers or past relationships. It’s time to live in the now and to get to know the person in front of you. Don’t make assumptions about them or make the conversation take a turn for the worse by bringing up bad memories and lousy relationships. Plus, you don’t want to speak poorly of a past love; you may wind up looking as if you’re not over them yet and are unable to date someone new.

You’re Still at Home

We live in a time of a shaky economy being in the wake of ‘The Great Recession.’ Some people are finding it hard to make ends meet and live with their parents. Some things could be out of your control- such as getting dismissed from a position. While you can save a lot of money at home, have some sort of ‘action plan’ in place. Most adults won’t blame you for needing to save money, but adults also want to date other grown-ups.

Stop Talking About You

Sure, the other person wants to get to know you. That’s a part of dating, but you don’t want to talk endlessly about your likes, dislikes, accomplishments, dreams, etc. Basically, you want to get to know the other person and it’s their duty to do the same. Ensure the conversation is not one-sided and that you’re not boring your date by talking about yourself too much. It’s fine to offer something about yourself as it relates to an interest or pastime of your date. Otherwise, focus on asking questions about them.

Stay Sober

Perhaps your date likes to have cocktails, which is something you do often too. That’s fine but you want to remain sober for the date. You don’t want to get drunk and do or say something that you’ll later regret. Remember that this person is just getting to know you; the drunk version of you is not the real you. Plus, getting too sloppy could make a poor impression and make the other person think you’re an alcoholic. The same sentiment applies to those who have a medical marijuana card or those who vape. Get ideas on ways to wait until after the date or how to talk about vaping with your date at

Stop Complaining

No one likes a complainer. Sure, we grow concerned about friends and family members and listen when they have an issue. But if the same person always discussed problems or complained, we probably wouldn’t seek them out often for conversation. Stop complaining about work, friends, politics, etc while first getting to know someone. Keep positive since most will be turned off by those who have a negative outlook on the world.

Don’t Allow Your Eyes to Roam

It’s the first date; you don’t need to commit to marriage, but it’s rude to take an eye full of other guys and girls while on a date. You want your date to feel as if you’re dating exclusively – at least for the duration of the first date. Being too flirty with servers or allowing your eyes to take too long of a look at others will send a bad message.

Don’t Be Rude

If you’re discourteous to servers, taxi drivers, other restaurant patrons, etc., your date will figure that is your regular personality. No one wants to date someone who is mean and rude to others. You may be feeling a bit nervous and want things to go as planned, but don’t take out your nervousness on a server or user who has made an honest mistake.

Eleanor Hopkins writes about love and loss. She’s a relationship guru who keeps on repeating to her clients that they need to do inner work before they can find, and keep, the one they are meant to be with. Her self-help articles appear on lifestyle and relationship sites.