wedding day tips

One of the most important things to consider on what will be the happiest day of your life is your choice of a videographer. What better way to document the day you have been dreaming of for years than by creating a high-quality wedding video. However, there are a number of factors to consider when picking who will create your wedding video, so here’s everything you need to know before booking the videographer for your ultimate wedding:


Personal reputation is the number one factor to take into consideration when picking your videographer. Professional artists will have a vast online portfolio packed full of reviews, videos, and stills. If you can’t see their work, how do you know what you are expecting? If you can’t see their reviews, how do you know whether their brides and grooms were satisfied with their work? Booking the unknown can be a dangerous game, so choose someone with extensive experience, feedback, and images such as Be wary of anyone charging competitive prices if they have no proof of their talent and skill.


What sort of theme are you looking for, and can the videographer you’re booking create the vision you want? YouTube videos are fantastic for inspiration, and taking your ideas – or a mood board – to your videographer can help you craft the video you want. Do you want soft lighting or more abstract filming? Moody, or romantic? Posted shots, or natural? Do you want to focus on the details – a stolen kiss, a smile from the flower girl – or stick with beautiful traditional shots of the first dance or cutting of the cake. If spontaneous shots are your forte, a second videographer can make or break your dream wedding video. The lead can focus on the staged shots, whereas the second can capture you and your guests unawares, nabbing those precious moments you’ll be remembered for years to come.


Find out what’s included in the price. Do you get digital copies of all your shots, how many DVDs are included, and can you make copies? Is there an edited version or a highlights reel (bloopers?!) that really capture your day? How do your team feel about you posting their images online, where does the copyright line? These are all questions you need to ask before the day of your wedding, to prevent any arguments later on. Artistic direction and expression by your videographer is fantastic but ensure you are both working to the same brief. Any professional will want to ensure you are completely satisfied with the beautiful video of your big day, as their livelihood relies on happy customers.


In the digital age, photos and videos last forever – so they have to be amazing. In the selfie age, everyone thinks they’re a photographer, but it’s only when you compare with a real professional that you realize the difference. Make sure you do your research, collate images, make mood boards and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised at the first viewing of your wedding video.