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If this is the year you finally broach your bathroom-remodelling project, you couldn’t have chosen a better moment. The design world is buzzing with creative diversity. Decorex International’s 2017 show confronts one of the most contentious themes in the décor industry: luxury. It may be a simple word with a cut-and-dry definition, but perceptions of extravagance are in a constant state of evolution. The Decorex community brought a colossal array of interpretations to the table, but most involve organic, handcrafted design. Every fixture and piece of wallpaper have that artistic touch.

Romantic Boho

In 2015, Sebastian Cox presented sustainable designs crafted from hardwoods such as coppiced hazel. The collection had a Japanese feel, and the unusual materials he used changed the way the industry approaches wood. This year, the English countryside trend will add to that look, and that means freestanding claw foot baths, bright wall treatments, and ornate, bespoke tiles. Don’t be afraid to hang quaint potted plants over your bath or introduce a tiled sink. The look is classic enough to outlast the season. Unfinished, distressed surfaces look even more exquisite when viewed through translucent drapes and sheer window treatments.

Casual Distress

Daniel Heath was once known for his silkscreen prints, but at this year’s Decorex, he added to this line with surfaces that are perfect for the bathroom. Mirror etchings, ash and slate panels will give your room a subtle form of elegance that never gets tired. If you’re not a fan of reflective surfaces, Heath will give you plenty of inspiration anyway. Oak panels with delicate etchings allow you to bring wood into your bathroom without creating too much stylistic heaviness. Slate tiles will give your walls an artisanal aesthetic without the gleam, setting off any metallic you introduce into space.

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Material Installations

In the world of décor, light needs to be used as an element of every design, and Rita Parniczky used sunlight’s passage through the fabric to bring her installations to life. She played with varying degrees of translucence, metamorphosed by unique weaves that revealed themselves only in daylight. Complex patterns and warps were striking enough to have an impact on the way designers will approach floor and wall treatments this year. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to handle this look, bamboo is perfect. Vaughan LTD created charming brass bamboo lanterns using a lost-wax process. Rather than bulbs, he used candles, and what could be better in your bathroom than a flickering flame?

Andrea Felice’s background lies in cabinet making and carving, so every piece reflected these skills. Monolithic, sculptural furnishings were works of art in their own right, barely recognizable for their purposes. Form did not quite follow function in this collection. Luxury eschews practicality, after all. Your approach to your remodeled bathroom can thus be as artistic and unique as you choose. Sculptural finishes will add incredible return on investment to your home. They needn’t cost the earth with rustic, corroded elements and crafts being all the rage right now.

Breaking Open the Bathroom

One of the most exciting bathroom trends is perfectly demonstrated by William Holland, who breaks the entire room out into the bedroom. Open plan rooms for free standing baths create a spa-like appeal while producing spaciousness. The atmosphere is one of absolute extravagance, which Holland contrasts against reclaimed, barely treated wood.

No list of bathroom remodels ideas is complete without a salute to eco-friendly excellence. Your materials are as influential as your fixtures. Low-flow showerheads and motion sensor faucets let you shrink your utility bills without giving up the luxuriousness of the room. Window treatments that allow plenty of light indoors will simultaneously reduce humidity. Ventilation is an excellent replacement for those harsh chemicals needed to clear away mold and mildew. Solar powered water heaters will save you far more than you invest, and waste-heat recovery systems are another option that will reflect on your monthly expenses.

The Decorex designers dismissed old views of the word ‘luxurious’, leaning towards rarity instead. It isn’t the cost of manufacture that makes a piece lavish, but rather its scarcity and uniqueness. The overarching themes are customization and environmental friendliness—practicality at its most luxurious.