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Travel is the best way to experience the world. But packing light and deciding what to take is often challenging. You want comfort and you want to look stylish at your destination.

Travel accessories can include a comfortable travel neck pillow and pretty nude acrylic nails along with your makeup in a good carry-on bag. Make a short check list of your necessary items.

Looking Good

Packing and unpacking play havoc with fingernails. Try nude acrylic French nails for strong nails that last. These are stylish, short acrylic fingernails in the French manicure style that look good while you travel. You won’t need to carry polish and remover.

You may have a drawer full of makeup at home but you really don’t need all of it when you travel. Carry small containers of eye shadow with several colors. You only need one makeup brush, one compact of combined blush and powder. But you will probably need sunscreen.

Keep valuable jewelry to a minimum. Carry any jewelry you are not wearing with you in a small bag. Flashy gold and gemstones can attract the wrong attention. Wear costume jewelry and enjoy shopping for locally made accessories in exotic locations.

Hand sanitizer and moist towelettes are always recommended wherever you go. Extra toilet paper and seat covers are also good ideas. Read guidebooks and ask about sanitation facilities when traveling in foreign countries. There are always surprises when it comes to bathrooms, including where to dispose of TP.

A small first-aid kit that fits in your handbag or backpack may prove helpful. Determine what you think you may need such as a small tube of antibiotic cream and a few bandages. Take all prescription medication with you in their pharmacy bottles or tubes. Insect repellent is often necessary. Carry a small flashlight as well.

Pack Light

Airlines charge for extra bags. Some even charge for your carry-on. Limit your luggage to a carry-on bag and a soft handbag or backpack that will fit under the seat. You need room for your feet!

Take off your shoes and get comfortable. Carry a pair of ankle socks you can wear on a long trip. Some international carriers still give out little booties to passengers on long flights. Save these booties and use them for shoe covers when you pack for your return. Leave the high heeled shoes in your suitcase and wear low, comfortable shoes for travel on airplanes, trains, and motor coaches.

A carry-on is usually sufficient and you don’t have to worry about the airline losing your luggage. Arrange your clothing for mix-and-match tops, skirts, shorts, and pants. Roll your clothes and use the air-tight plastic packing bags. The weather at your destination will determine your travel wardrobe. A light windbreaker or raincoat is always recommended.

Travel in Comfort

A memory foam travel neck pillow will make long flights, train and coach trip more comfortable. The lightweight pillow cradles and supports the neck while you are seated.

You may be on a motor coach in the humid tropics with the air conditioning turned up to Arctic levels! You need a light jacket to keep warm. Don’t be surprised if your glasses steam up from condensation when you leave the bus! Carry a small microfiber cloth for wiping glasses.

Study about the area you are visiting. Wear comfortable clothing but also be aware of traditional dress in some areas. It may not be appropriate to wear shorts or skimpy tops in some countries although they are accepted resort wear in other places.

Fight jet lag by drinking water. You can carry your own water bottle. It must be empty when boarding a plane in most places. You can ask a flight attendant to fill it for you when you are on board. Ask about the safety of drinking tap water at your destination. Carry a few tea bags and packaged snacks in the bag you store under the seat in an airplane, coach or train.

Pickpockets are everywhere in all countries, including the US. Wear a travel belt and/or pouch next to your body for credit cards and passports. Cash will also fit into these pockets. These accessories include neck bags and pouches that can be worn anywhere under your clothing.

Enjoy your travels in comfort and safety.