We’re into the dog days of summer, and that can only mean one thing: it’s hot outside! During this time of year, you want clothes that will keep you comfortable in the heat while still celebrating your personal style. Here are some of the hottest trends this summer and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe:

flowy tank top and lace braltte fashion

Lace Bralettes 

There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable during summertime, to keep your cool with a stylish lace bralette. These unique bras eliminate underwires, padding and other extra weight that can trap heat against your body. The lace material breathes easily, allowing air to flow through, keeping you cooler throughout the day. Bralettes provide just enough support to keep you comfortable without being restrictive, so you can relax and enjoy all the summer fun.

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Flowy Tanks

Flowy tank tops are the perfect complement to lace bralettes. Choose tops that are loose fitting so that you can catch a breeze, and don’t be shy about letting your bralette show a little bit. This style is all about light layering to create more visual interest. As an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about sucking in your stomach if your body isn’t quite in bikini shape just yet.

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Crop Tops

Show off a toned midriff and keep your cool with this season’s hottest crop tops. You’ll love the feeling of having no fabric around your midsection and will look undeniably stylish. When wearing a crop top, keep your bottoms modest to avoid looking trashy. Remember, you don’t need to show a ton of skin to look sexy; the little sliver in the middle leaves just enough to the imagination.

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High-Waisted Shorts 

High-waisted shorts look great with crop tops because they keep the look demure. They also have the unique power to make your belly appear flattered and your waist as slim as can be. Make sure that you choose a size that fits comfortably. If you go too tight, you might end up looking like a sausage squeezed into its casing. You should be able to comfortably fit a finger or two under the waistband. Keep the inseam short to keep this look modern and not matronly.

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Bohemian Skirts 

With the rise in popularity of summer music festivals, bohemian and hippie styles are having another moment. Long, flowy skirts are almost universally flattering, so just about every woman can pull off this style with ease. Look for colorful prints and patterns that stand out. For a simpler look, go with a solid, bright color. Keep your top uncomplicated and light to avoid being drowned out by too much fabric.

Comfy Slides 

These delightfully comfortable sandals are not just for after your gym session anymore. Slides are making a comeback in a major way. Rather than sticking with the athletic look of the past, today’s modern incarnations feature bold colors and embellishments so that the style is more fashionable while still retaining function. Make sure that the strap fits snugly around your foot so you can keep the sandals on easily.

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Blingy Anklets 

Anklets are back in style in a major way, and sandal season is the perfect time to show off your ankles. When it comes to anklets, the more bling, the better, so look for styles that incorporate lots of charms, baubles or other embellishments. Not much of a jewelry person? That’s ok too. You can find anklets made from leather, suede and other casual materials.

Round Sunglasses 

Regardless of whether or not you are a Beatles fan, you can still get behind this John Lennon-inspired trend. Round glasses look best on those with more angular facial features, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t wear them as well. Try on several pairs in varying sizes, colors and shapes to find the pair that works best with your facial structure.

Summer is a time for self-expression and freedom, so use that to your advantage in putting together your outfits. Brighten up your mood with the season’s bright color palette, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new looks. As always, don’t feel pressured into wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Your style should be a reflection of who you are.