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Several Home Upgrades To Make This Year

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If you’re anything like the average homeowner, then chances are you’ll want to beautify your living space from time-to-time. This could include anything from changing the rugs, adding some accessories, to a full-scale remodel that might even include some construction work.

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When the time is right to upgrade the home decor, keep in mind that some rooms are more “valuable” than others should you list the home for sale down the line. Changes to the kitchen and bathrooms, for example, can help the house reach a considerably higher price on the market.

Something as deceptively small as installing new modern kitchen faucets and adding a kitchen island can really ramp up the price. Similarly, creating more space in the bathroom by erecting a walk-in shower can do the same.


Remodel The Bathroom

If you have a budget – don’t we all – then don’t plan to do too much heavy lifting in the bathroom. After all, simply replacing an old tub can easily cost you tens-of-thousands of dollars. It’s not worth it unless you’re doing a full-scale home tear-down or building a new home from scratch.

Simple things that add a lot include swapping out shower doors and painting the walls a different color. These add freshness and a greater sense of space, for starters. Re-caulk the areas around the sink, vanity, and bathtub for a fresh look that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg, but will have you feeling refreshed every time you enter. If you opt not to paint the walls in full, use spray-on texture to give them a more even look.

Upgrade Your Backyard

There are several ways to improve this extended part of the house. The addition of a pool is one of the more expensive options – even though it adds a considerable amount of value to the home. In addition, your family will get a lot of enjoyment out of it once the spring and summer seasons roll around.

A similarly family-oriented upgrade to your home is installing a pergola. These are excellent for large gatherings such as an outdoor barbecue or a party. Don’t think of them as a West Coast thing (because of the relentlessly sunny weather in that region); outdoor pergola contractors NJ can attest to the popularity of the construction on the East Coast, as well.

There is enough variety to make them excellent for the patio during all types of weather. You can get one with a closed top for sporadic rain, or with an alternately open top for sunshine and breeze. Whichever one you choose, it is an upgrade that will add value to the quality of family time and to the quality of your home.

Turn Your Garage Into An Office

If your home is like many multi-bedroom homes, then your driveway leading up to the garage has plenty of space to keep your vehicle(s). In fact, it’s often more convenient to leave the car outside so you can get to work more quickly in the mornings.

As a result, you might want to stop using the garage for storage, and turn it into an extra office, a gym or tool room with a workbench built right from one of the walls. This is one of the more extensive home upgrades, but it can also significantly raise the home’s worth.

These are some of the suggestions as to the home upgrades you can make this year and create an even more relaxing atmosphere that will help you deal with stress.

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