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How to Get The Exact Hair Color You Want?

pravana chromesilk vivids violet hair dye review - alyssa martinez - via stylevanity dot com

pastel hair alyssa martinez

I change my hair color as often as someone shop for their clothes. That is why I often get asked in Instagram how I achieved my hair color. But before I tell you my tips on how to get the exact hair color you want, I want to have some real talk, you might not get the exact hair color you want that you’ve seen in a photo from Instagram and Pinterest. I know my article’s title is a little misleading but hear me out first. The main reason is that the photo is edited.

A lot of photos in Instagram and especially in Pinterest are often photoshop. Those pink, violet, green, or those cute pastel hairs you see online are often stock photos or runway backstage photos of blonde models and their hair were edited using photoshop by some person which I don’t know why they do it. But some, unfortunately, are actual photos from hairdressers themselves who are too pressured to show a good work online. Just read about it on Not Another Salon.

But with my tips below, you can at least get closer to it. However, if you’re patient you will really get the EXACT hair color you really want.

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My gray hair with highlights of blue steel and coral pink

1. Keep your hair healthy

This may sound cliché but you really need to keep your hair healthy and strong especially if your hair is not a natural blonde. Dyeing your hair to an exact color you want will require some chemical process. If your hair is not healthy and strong, there’s a high chance it will get super dry and worst, break! I’m not scaring you, but there are really people who just jump into bleaching without knowing their hair is not strong enough for it.

2. Bleach your hair

If you want pink, violet, and pastel hairs or even rainbow hair, bleaching is a must! Even if you’re a natural blonde, there are levels of blonde you need to achieve. The ideal for pastel and rainbow hair is level 10 blonde which is the whitest blonde of all. There is an ideal technique to bleach your hair, so before getting your hair bleach at the salon or at home, make sure you do your research and know what level of blonde you need to get. But if you have brunette or raven hair and it’s your first time ever to bleach your hair, I highly suggest that you go to a salon and get professional help.

pravana chromesilk vivids violet hair dye review - alyssa martinez - via stylevanity dot com

My current hair color

3. Tone Before Dye

Last step before you dye your hair is toning. If you want to get your hair around level 6-10 blonde then toning is a must! This will remove all remaining brassy red or yellow hue left in your hair. And it’s easier than bleaching, you can just DIY this at home! You can tone your hair in 2 ways: 1) by using violet bleaching shampoo which you can easily buy at the salon, supermarket, or online. But this will take a lot of washes, it may take some time. If you want something stronger and faster, you can do 2) Buy a hair toning product. The best seller and highly recommended by unicorns and mermaids is Wella T18 which also known as the “white lady” because yes, it will really make your hair that white. Trust me, because I use this myself.

What do you think of my tips on how to get the exact hair color you want? Did this make you think of getting your hair colored? Share it below!

  • Nice tips! So true @keep your hair healthy and strong or it will break! Lol.

    L.E.N.A | Revealed

  • 🙂 love your use of filters.. You look beautiful

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  • Thank you for sharing these tips!

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  • I haven’t changed my hair colour in a very long time, so this is really useful to know how to do it when I want it changed! All of the colours really suit you xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  • Hillory Renkema

    Love how your hair turned out! I was totally thinking of dying the ends of my hair pink, so I’ll deff be using your tips 🙂



  • Veronica Lucy

    Wow, wonderful post, love it! 🙂
    Maybe follow for follow?

  • Sophia Morena Biffi

    Once I’d like to try blue or dark violet ^^Kisses

  • Amanda

    These are great tips for dying hair. I agree that keeping your hair healthy is the top tip!

  • Amanda

    These are great tipster dyeing hair! I agree that keeping your hair healthy is really important!

  • I don´t have the courage to make big changes on my hair 🙁 kiss
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  • I always wondered about the colored locks on pinterest and instagram, somehow they always felt unnatural. But thank you for sharing your hair, I colored my hair few months back, wish to come across such post then


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  • Nikki Living-Life

    Great tips Alyssa. You look fabulous with purple hair. I love the length and the cut as well. What is your favorite color and how do you care for your hair so that it does not look damaged and processed from bleaching? Thank you for sharing babe.


    • Thank you! 🙂 My fave hair color is Pravana Vivids for its longevity and only stain in your first week. Colorful hair dyes like pink, purple, and blue fade easily and stains a lot, but that didn’t happen to me with Pravana. It’s still vivid for up to 2 months.

      For damage care, I get hair conditioning treatment from salon a week before I bleach my hair. And then at home after bleaching, I use “Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Intensive Total Damage Care Conditioner” and I only shampoo 1-2 times a week. I also take Nature’s Bounty Hair Vitamins and use at-home hair treatments like Argan Hair Oil or a hair ampoule after a shower.

  • Dominique

    Great tips hun, I would love to dye my hair a fun colour. I should definitely try photoshop before dying to see what it’d look like xx

  • This is so good to know, I wish I can have a unicorn hair too but then I have to check the condition of my hair. I use purple shampoo to maintain the hair dye. Thanks for the info dear, it comes useful and handy.

  • These are great tips that I definitely need to follow because I change up my hair color quite often too!

    Have an awesome day!

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  • Keeping your hair healthy is essential before using dye, totally agree! I don’t actually colour my hair anymore, having spent my teen years doing crazy things with my poor hair, haha. I hadn’t realised some of the images of brightly-coloured hair online was sometimes photoshop by the way – thanks for opening my eyes Alyssa!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  • Yiotou_La

    Purple is such a fun colour for hair! Keeping our hair healthy is the most important thing, I have been using many products to make sure my hair looks and feels healthy and to prevent any damage from bleaching and using heating tools.


  • AryaChic

    I’m also obsessed with coloring my hair recently. Bleaching is the best way to achieve the color you want but it’s so harmful for your hair and you must make sure to take good care of it. Great tips!

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    Wow, I see you are an expert in hair-colouring! In the past I dyed my hair also in very different colours but the older I get the more I stick to my usual hair colour 🙂
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