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High Low Wedding Dresses For The Stylish and Modern Bride

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High Low wedding dresses are very stylish right now. And a great choice for those who can’t decide between a long, formal gown or a shorter modern style gown. They are classy and elegant yet modern and edgy for the stylish bride.

Wedding dresses hi low come in many styles and varieties. As such, this gives modern brides plenty of chances to wear a unique style wedding gown. If you want to make a statement at your wedding, this style may be your answer!

High low wedding gowns are all the rage at bridal expos in New York this year. Designed with a higher hem up front and a long hem in the back, they are classy yet a bit edgy. This gives the appearance of elegance and style, along with a dramatic flair.

If you are looking for hi low wedding dress you have come to the right place. We have comprised a gallery of some of the hottest high low style wedding dresses for your perusal!

Another advantage of these gowns is that you can show off your sexy legs. You can opt for a gown that is drastically shorter in the front than the back or the difference can be very subtle. The possibilities are endless when it comes to stylish gowns in the high low variety!

high low wedding dress - Strapless High Low Dress Alena Goretskaya

Feminine Strapless High Low Wedding Dresses

These strapless hi low wedding gowns are simply stunning. If you want to show off your feminine appeal you should choose one of these gowns. As they are strapless, it gives them a strong sensual vibe but the lace and other adornments on these gowns give them a delicate and feminine mystique that any girly-girl would love!

Strapless gowns are perfect for those who want a more formal affair, such as an evening wedding. However, they serve well for outdoor weddings such as beach weddings or vineyard weddings. If you have the figure to support a strapless gown, this could be the gown of your dreams!

Monique Lhuillier Bridal Fall 2016

Monique Lhuillier Bridal Fall 2016

High Low Wedding Dresses With Corset

Bridal gowns with corsets have increased in popularity over the last few years. They are perfect as they make your waistline appear tiny and delicate. Yet they also happen to be very flattering in the bust line, which is a plus for full figured brides. From traditional silky gowns to delicate lace corsets, there are a wide number of high low corset wedding dresses.

Corset gowns are also perfect for a very formal affair. You will be able to find a corset style bridal gown on modern dresses as well as classic styles. The high low contrast with the corset will give off a dramatic and dreamy vibe which is perfect for a princess’ wedding! These gowns are a perfect choice if you want a romantic wedding!

high low wedding dress - Colored High Low Dress Alberta Ferretti Lavender

Modern Colored High Low Wedding Dresses

If you are having a modern wedding and want a more contemporary style wedding gown, then one of these dresses may be the answer. From pretty pinks to grays and even black gowns, there are many styles of high low colored wedding dresses. If you don’t want to wear the traditional white, you can opt for a gown in a soft peach color. Or maybe a vivid yellow or red gown! Colored wedding dresses are very in right now so why make a statement? A colorful wedding dress is perfect for an outdoor wedding such a backyard wedding. As well, you can wear a colored gown if you are having a theme wedding.

We hope you have enjoyed our selection of hi low bridal dresses! We know that no matter what style gown you choose, you will be the most stunning bride.


  • wow! love this look on you so much! dress is amazing 😀

  • Oooh, I love the lilac one! These are such a fun spin on the traditional wedding dress, and I bet they’re way more comfortable, too!