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If your friend or family member is moving into a new home, you might find choosing a gift overwhelming. While a new home needs many things, presents from gift registry lists often feel impersonal. However, there’s no need to be stressed out about the prospect of giving a housewarming gift. Giving a gift basket is a great way to offer your friends several beautiful options in a unique presentation they’ll love.

Gift Baskets Can Be Customized 

One of the best things about gift baskets is the fact that you can customize them. Pick the basket, decorations, and ribbons that best suit your gift and its recipient. What’s more, you can choose what gifts to include in the basket. Here are some great ways to customize your gift basket:

  • Choose a basket and wrap that matches the colors of your recipient’s home.
  • Include items they specifically requested.
  • Include handmade touches, like wrapping the card inside the basket.
  • Put their name or names on the basket.
  • Include items with themes or colors you know they love.
  • Choose a couple of items that have personal significance, such as a spoon holder that reminds them of a trip you took or an inside joke.

You Can Send Multiple Items

This might seem like an obvious benefit, but creating a housewarming basket is a kind gesture that congratulates that person on their new home. Trying to decide on a single gift can often be overwhelming. Opting for a gift basket, like the ones at Manhattan Fruitier, opens you up to a wide range of possibilities, allowing you to select from an array of products including, fruits, cheeses, jams, nuts, and even chocolates!

Create a Whole House Basket 

Another great idea for gift basket giving is to create a “whole house” basket. Include one item for every room of the house. These don’t have to be large or expensive items, just something special for various rooms. Here are some great ideas for whole house basket inclusions:

  • Kitchen: spoon holders, silverware, coasters, or salt, and pepper shakers
  • Living room: decorative books, a small piece of art, throws or afghans, bookmarks, or small plants
  • Bedroom: Ink & Ivy bedding, cute hangers, small picture frames, essential oils with a diffuser, or candles
  • Bathroom: Funny books, soap dishes, towel sets, toothbrush holders, small wall art, or clocks

You can think of similar ideas for all areas of the house. If the people you’re creating this gift basket for have children, don’t forget to include a small item for each of their rooms, as well.

Personal Touches Make a Difference 

A house is more than four walls and a roof. It’s home, and you should consider that when creating your gift basket. Think about children, pets, the family or person’s lifestyle, what they love, the things that bring them joy, as well as themes you know they’ll adore. The more personal touches you can add, the more of an impact the gift basket will have. Part of the stress of finding a gift is the fear that other attendees will bring something similar. Personalizing a gift basket makes it nearly impossible for someone else to give the same gift, even if a couple of the items within the basket are similar.

Choose a Perfect Basket

A basket isn’t just a great idea because of your ability to create a “gift basket” by putting beautiful items inside it. The basket is something your recipients will likely keep in their home, so it does double duty by being a gift in and of itself. Put thought into the type of basket you want to use: is there an area of the home where they’ll be storing books or slippers? What would the basket be best used for? Once you have a good idea of what your basket will be used for, pick one that could go in any room of the house.

Creating a gift basket is an excellent way to offer a personal housewarming gift that’s full of personality and variety. Your recipients will love the fact that they can use the basket itself, making it a special gift they’ll love for years to come.