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Diamonds have been around since the age of dinosaurs. Do you know it took the Earth more than 1 billion years to create diamonds? No wonder they are priceless! The youngest diamond formed on Earth is over 900 million years old!

When people gift diamond engagement rings to their would-be partner, it signifies that they are ready to plunge into a committed bond with them. You don’t gift a diamond to just about anybody. The person has to be special, right?

Nowadays, the trend is to gift a diamond to oneself. The modern woman need not wait for a man to come into her life and gift her diamonds. She can easily buy diamond jewelry online and pamper herself with one of the world’s most precious gems.

diamond dropped earrings

The white sparkle

White, the symbol of purity, is the standard color of a diamond. Be it on your finger, wrist, ears, or neck, this shimmering stone becomes the focus of attention wherever you go. It is hard to miss the sparkle of diamonds. Today, you can also get colored diamonds. A glimpse of their lovely, glittering shade is enough to make you go weak in the knees. How you want them badly!

The best part of diamond jewelry is that it is available online, you can check Eravos.com. You can plunge into the world of this precious gem and delight your senses by browsing through the stunning collection of diamonds rings for women, neck pieces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and more. It takes an unexceptionally strong will power to resist looking at the white glitter.

Diamonds are forever in fashion. They can glam up any garment. They add oodles of style to your look. Just one stone on your ensemble and, voila, you are the most stylish lady on board.

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Latest fashion

Choosing an engagement ring is a huge decision. Some of the trendiest diamonds in this regard are rose gold, vintage-inspired cut, geometric designs, and more. The classic single solitaire ring is evergreen; however, modern brides are open to experimenting with style. The black diamond is popular among those who wish to stand out in the crowd.

Whether it is a pair of diamond stud earrings or pendants, you can try different colors and cuts of diamond. Stud earrings are great for daily use. They do not look over the top and can perk up a “plain Jane” dress. They go great with office wear pastels.

The benefit of visiting an online jewelry store is that you can choose from a seemingly endless variety of jewelry pieces ranging from diamond cross pendant to earrings. The latter, again, comes in a variety – from demure studs to daring chandeliers, from the classic hoops to contemporary designs in floral, geometry, spirals, and more.

The choice is yours – you can have a huge princess cut diamond or tiny crystal-studded jewelry piece.

Talk of diamond bracelets and a dazzling collection awaits you online. Those sleek, studded, abstract designs help you make a style statement. A diamond on you speaks a thousand words without you uttering a single word.

Cut, karat, and clarity – the qualities of a diamond mesmerize you to no end. Shop with reputable jewelers and worry not about the quality of the stone. Get your exquisite piece without hassle. Let this invaluable gem adorn your beautiful body. You need no other jewelry when you wear a diamond piece. Keep all other glitters at a minimum.

diamond earrings

For example, while wearing diamond-studded chandelier earrings, skip that shimmering, crystals-studded clutch or sparkling shoes. Stack away your sequined or heavily embellished dress. Bring out a deep, rich color from your wardrobe. Watch your earrings steal the show against the deep shade of your ensemble.

The diamond is the hardest matter on earth, but it does take a soft heart to gift a diamond.