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We all know how important prom night is for you and your friends, you go all out, make plans to enjoy yourself and celebrate your school achievements. But Above all, you want to dress to impress on this important night. One of the secrets to choosing an amazing dress for this once-in-a-lifetime night is knowing your body type. Read on to get to know a few body types’ tips that can help you choose the best prom dress for your prom night. Feel free to also view Terani’s 2017 collection for lovely prom night gowns that you can choose from.

1. Prom Dresses For Petite Body Type

If you are petite you are not more than 5ft 3inches tall. Don’t be afraid to show off your tiny shape and a little leg. It’s best to keep the prom dress feminine and short. If you want to appear taller you can wear an asymmetrical hemline or slim fitting gowns that have vertical pleats or prints with a v-neckline. Accessorize your gown with the perfect high heels. Don’t go for long and full skirts as they overwhelm your shape.

2. Prom Dresses for Slender, Boyish Body Type

If you have a boyish look or a rectangular shape, you probably have a thin body. Wear a fitted gown. To create shape, go for dresses with an empire waist, color blocking can also work well as this helps to visually break the torso. The dresses you choose should have a shape while still at the hanger. Dresses with a slit or asymmetric neckline can also add dimensions and curves. You can also add a belt to your waistline to create shape.

3. Prom Dresses for The Hourglass Body Shape

If you have this body shape, you are curvy with a proportional bust and hips. Your upper body and legs are at a balance. You can get away with wearing almost anything. Your best assets with this body type are your waist. You are better off wearing gowns that focus on your waist. Wear naturally fitted waistline tops or wrap dresses. Gowns that are fitted from the top to the waist are ideal for showing the great curves. A mermaid shaped gown will also hug all your curves. V-necklines and open neckline gowns will also look good on you. Avoid gowns with empire waist.

4. Prom Dresses for Pear Body Shape

Pear shaped body types have a well-defined waist and large hips and a small bust. You should aim to add volume to the upper body, put more emphasis on the waist and less attention on the lower body so as to create a balance. A gown with a fitted open neck or a strapless top and an A-line skirt will look great on you. Gowns with lace, beads or crystals around the neckline will draw the attention upward and highlight the upper body.

5. Prom Dresses for The Apple Body Shape

If you have an apple body shape most of your weight is around your midsection. Your legs are slim and your waist undefined. The best dress is one with an empire waist that draws attention to the upper part of your body. You can show off your shoulders or arms with a strapless dress. An A-line or full skirt will draw the eye away from the midsection. You can show off your legs if you are confident about them. it’s best not to wear belts or gowns that highlight all the curves in your body.

6. Prom Dresses for The Plus Size Body Shape

If you have a plus size body shape do not wear too much fabric. If you want to hide your bust choose dresses that show the curves on your hips. If you want to hide your stomach go for empire waist dresses. Embellished sleeves will hide your arms. Pick dresses that stretch and hugs the curves of your body rather than covering too much or wearing too much fabric.

No matter your body shape, remember you are beautiful. So above all, be sure to enjoy yourself during your prom night.