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You’re scrolling through Instagram and all you see are pictures of gorgeous girls on sunny beaches with amazingly long, flowing hair running down their backs. Although the ability to immediately alter things like your appearance or current location may seem rather out of your reach at the moment, the length of your hair is something that can be changed by simply following a few helpful tips. Continue reading to uncover some helpful tips on how to make your hair grow faster this summer.

1.) A Nutritious Diet

That’s right; what you eat can affect your hair. Granted, I can’t guarantee that eating your fruits and vegetables each day will instantly grow your hair another 5 inches, but ensuring that you’re getting enough vitamins and nutrients in every meal will surely strengthen it and make hair growth much easier and healthier for you in time. Healthy hair growth requires stocking up on vitamins B and C, as well as protein-rich foods will increase your body’s production of collagen, a large component in the growth of hair. So, if you’re looking for how to make your hair grow faster this summer, try a few wholesome options like quinoa, buckwheat, soy, cabbage, broccoli, and citrus fruits just may make your hair grow faster this summer!

2.) Be Cautious of Hair-Damaging Summer Elements

You probably don’t realize it, but many of the typical activities that you do during the summer can damage your hair and make it slower and harder for you to grow out your hair. Here are a few tips on how to still do these activities, yet still healthy grow your hair.

  • If you’re planning on staying in the sun for a while, cover your hair with a stylish hat or scarf. Intense sun exposure can weaken hair strands.
  • On windy days, pull your hair back into a ponytail or bun to reduce knots, tangles, and ultimately damage.

When taking a swim at the beach, limit the amount of time you and your hair spend in the ocean water. The constant salt and sand in the rushing beach waves beating against your hair can damage it and your chances of healthy hair growth.

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3.) Go Natural

Although the unpredictable summer weather can make us all a little apprehensive to just let our hair go naturally, if you’re looking for another way to lengthen your hair, then you may want to reconsider giving it a try. Curling, flat ironing, and other common measures taken to tame your natural summer hair can be extensively damaging to not only the growth but also the health of your developing locks.

4.) Regularly Trim

While it may seem a little counterintuitive, getting a quick trim off your hair every month or so will actually improve your overall hair growth. Split ends lead to breakage, and leaving your hair for months on end without trimming the ends will enable the breakage to continue to damage your hair and its chances of growth. Routine trims will keep the breakage in check and improve both the health and length of your hair this summer.

5.) Scalp Stimulation

Your scalp is the root of each one of your strands of hair, so it’s only right that you keep it healthy in order to promote hair growth. Gently massaging your scalp with essential oils will increase circulation and blood flow to the rest of your hair follicles, and, in turn, make all of it healthier. The better condition your hair is in, the healthier and stronger it will be as it continues to lengthen itself over the summer.

In conclusion, healthy hair growth can be entirely possible for you this summer. Although you may have to modify a few of your favorite summertime pursuits in order to do so, all of your efforts will ultimately contribute towards providing your hair with the length and look you’d like for it to have. Follow these guidelines this summer, and you’ll be able to give yourself the long, luscious locks that you never thought you could have.