what to wear to church on a hot day

[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#C0C0C0″ background_color=””]W[/eltdf_dropcaps]hat to wear to church is always a challenging task as every woman wants to look stylish, but in the meantime, the look should be modest and show respect to the place and people. If you search for some ideas of church outfits, which you can wear on a hot day, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here are cute simple outfits to wear to church and the list of items, which should be a taboo for you if you decided to go to the mass.

Outfits To Wear To Church On A Hot Day

Here are the best outfit ideas for you to use if you want to stay fashionable, but look elegant and modest.

what to wear to church on a hot day - a line dress

An A – Line Dress

It is very girly, stylish, and is perfect to wear to church as it covers the knees and the shoulders. If it is made of cotton, you won’t sweat on a hot day and you’ll feel comfortable. Here are tips how you can wear the A-line dress on a hot day.

  • Wear hair up, you may choose a ponytail, a bun, a braided updo, etc. Aside from making the overall look more polished, a high updo creates one line with the dress and you may put an accent on your waist or emphasize your curves.
  • Use the belt if you want to create the illusion of attractive curves.
  • Wear a corset above the dress as it creates a more proportioned look and takes away attention from a large breast and hides bulges. But note that this corset shouldn’t be vulgar, it is better to choose this accessory in the same color spectrum with the dress.
  • Select shoes carefully as flats make the look more casual, whereas pumps add a touch of glam to it.
what to wear to church - laceandlockspetite fashion blogger yellow floral maxi dress

A Maxi Dress

A maxi dress with a floral print always looks feminine and it’s been a trend for two fashion seasons already! Even if it’s long, don’t be afraid to wear it to the mass on a hot day as if it is made of chiffon or linen, you’ll feel comfortable. Here are some tips how to style a maxi dress to be stylish and feminine.

  • Add platforms, which create a breezy style, but don’t overdo. Shoes should be of pastel tones, without unnecessary fussy details and the heel should not be too high. Don’t forget that the mass is a social gathering, but not a party.
  • Emphasize the versatility of the dress through layering. Even if the weather is hot, you may add some layers. It may be a lightweight scarf of a soft color. It is a perfect choice if you want to cover your shoulders or get warm if it is cold in the church.
  • Add accessories, for instance, a headband, which will serve two functions: aesthetic and practical as your hair will be pulled together. If it is attainable, go for thin chains or elegant bracelets, which will complement your look.
what to wear to church - pencil skirt

A Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is one of the timeless items of the woman’s wardrobe. It is always fashionable and flattering as it gives you a long and lean line. This skirt looks a little bit formal, but you can always make the look festive or casual just by adding well-picked tops. Here are tips how to make your outfit with the pencil skirt unique.

  • Combine it with a contrasting top, play with colors and textures. For instance, if you choose a plain black pencil skirt, add a silk beige top and tuck it into the skirt.
  • Add a belt if you want to create an hourglass figure and connect the top and the bottom. For example, if you have a green skirt and a black top, you can add a wide golden belt that will be your accent in this look.
  • A monochromatic look is still relevant, so you won’t lose if you pick the skirt and the blouse of the same color or color spectrum. Beige, soft pink, black, white and blue shades will be perfect. Just choose the variant, which will flatter your complexion.
  • This basic item gives a lot of opportunities for the combination. You may combine this skirt with a peplum top as this trick may make a boyish figure feminine.
  • If you want to make a statement, choose a pencil skirt of pastel tones and combine it with a bright blouse. However, don’t forget that the look should be vivid, but traditional.
what to wear to church - pants


If you don’t like wearing dresses or skirts or don’t have the opportunity to choose them as the part of your church outfit, pants may become your win-win option. Wearing pants isn’t a sin as the most important issue for a woman is to wear modest clothes, so if pants are the part of it, wear them.

The major requirement is that they shouldn’t be too tight, have an aggressive print and be transparent. You may choose the pants according to your figure type and color preferences. Here are some tips how to do it.

  • Keep the look simple. Choose a plain material and a subtle color for your pants, combine them with flats and a pretty hat.
  • If you choose a blouse as your top, you may wear white or gray pants with a light kimono.
  • All black outfit always looks fresh and chic, so if you wear loose-fitting pants and a black blouse, it makes a perfect ensemble.
  • If you choose ankle-length pants, then play with proportions and combine them with a loose white blouse.
what to wear to church - skirt

A Pleated Skirt

This skirt makes each outfit look chic and feminine. These alluring pleats make the silhouette volumetric, which is great for lean women, who want to look curvy. In the meantime, this skirt has a definite waistline that is why if you have excessive pounds there, you can hide them. Here are some tips how to style a pleated skirt.

  • If you want to add a zest to your look, add a statement necklace. But it should be elegant, not pretentious.
  • Go for a simple look and combine a white pleated skirt with a white or gray tee and a denim vest.
  • Open toe summer boots may complement the look with a pleated skirt and make it festive.
  • A lightweight white blouse, tucked into a pleated skirt of a bright color, will help you to stand out and it will take off attention from a volumetric top.
  • A belted top may flatter your shape and make the look more defined. If you are petite, you may wear flats with this look, if you have extra pounds, you may wear pumps to appear taller and leaner.

What Not To Wear To Church

Even if nowadays the requirements as for the clothes of parishioners are loyal, still there are some items, which you shouldn’t wear. They are:

  • Tight mini dresses shouldn’t be worn to church as they expose many body parts and may look vulgar.
  • Do not wear a short bottom, that is why shorts of different colors and textures, and mini skirts should be left at home. Besides, leggings are also a taboo.
  • Pay attention to your footwear. Remember that high stilettos are suitable for parties, whereas flip flops and sandals should be worn to the beach.
  • Transparent blouses, blouses with a plunging neckline, sleeveless tops, and strapless gowns are a perfect choice for summer, but for casual events. Your visit to church needs something more sophisticated and modest.
  • Don’t over-accessorize and don’t apply loud make-up. To keep things simple is the best you can do.

Thus, keep these tips in mind each time you choose a proper attire to go to church on a hot day and your attire will be not only comfortable but trendy.