[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#C0C0C0″ background_color=””]L[/eltdf_dropcaps]ong, dense locks are one of the innumerable virtues of any woman. They make her more feminine, add attractiveness and serve as the best accessory that emphasizes her beauty. Nowadays a natural look is trendy. It implies nude make-up, natural long hair or dyed hair, which has a natural effect.

If you are the owner of long hair and do not want to cut locks in order to create a new look, then you can consider these methods. They will help you to reinvent your hairstyle without changing it radically.

3 Ways To Freshen Up Your Hairstyle

If you want to have a new hairstyle but aren’t ready for significant changes, there are means, with which you may make your hairstyle look offbeat and alluring. Here are three ways how to do it.

Hair Dyeing

Adding some babylights or highlights to the strands, and enhancing the hair color to set off your natural strands is always beneficial for any woman. Here are several types of coloring techniques you may try and choose the most flattering for you.

hair style - balayage

1) Balayage

This technique gives a natural and carefree look. Babylights may be added to give a subtle, sunkissed effect, whereas highlights add more contrast and create the effect of dense locks. People claim that the best one is dark balayage for brown hair. However, those women, who have blonde locks, may have them bleached in order to get the effect of “cold” blonde hair.

This technique means that the tips and 2/3 of the length of the hair are dyed in a contrasting hue (usually light). The roots remain of a natural color and the chaotically arranged strands have the smooth transitions of color.

This hairstyle looks awesome not only in summer but in cold seasons because it adds a touch of warmth.

hair style - ombre

2) Ombre

This style is admired for its smooth transitions and universality. This technique means that the root hair color gradually fades into a lighter color at the ends. For instance, a brown color fades into a blonde hue. If you want to get a more dramatic effect, you may have your natural color at the roots dyed into dark shades.

You may have the effect as if your strands have been kissed by the sun, it’ll look very natural and attractive.

hair style - splashlights

3) Splashlights

This hairstyle makes any look interesting due to the splash of lights. If you want to stand out, then go for this coloring technique. To achieve this effect, you should have a streak of bleach across your hair and have the sections above and below it dyed in a color, which resembles your natural shade.

If you want to achieve a more sophisticated look, choose a crownlights technique. It means that your roots are dyed into a contrasting hue, whereas other locks remain natural or are dyed in one shade.

hair style - silver blonde

4) Silver Blonde

This color draws attention and the woman with this hair color will always be in the spotlight. This dreamy hue is not very difficult to achieve, all you need is to have strands bleached to a white-blonde color, then have a purple toner applied to eliminate any yellow shades and finally, have strands covered with a gray hair dye mixture.

This shade requires constant care, so if you don’t want your hair to get brassy use a color-safe shampoo and a conditioner with a violet tone.

hair style - ronze

5) Ronze

Ronze hair is a new trend as it looks especially bright in the sun and it is a striking hue itself. It is unique as it flatters many skin tones because incorporates a blend of warm (coppery red) and cold (bronze) colors. If your natural texture is curly, then this shade will look especially cool on your strands.

New Updos

One of the ways to breathe life into your hair is to try a new hairstyle. You may choose between professional or DIY hairstyles, it is up to your personal preferences. Here are some of them:

bridesmaid hairstyles curly hair

1) A Clear Parting

If you want to change your look quickly, then switch up your part. If you wear hair to the left side, then try a middle part or comb hair to another side. This simple action may completely change your face as it brings out your best facial features.

hair style - rihanna bangs

2) DIY Bangs

If you want to have a forelock, but in the meantime, you don’t want to have locks cut, you may do this trick. Just pull hair into a ponytail, then wrap locks around the ponytail and let the ends fall on the forehead, so that there is a fringe.

hair style - kendall jenner

3) Get the wet effect

If you want to get a relaxed look, which brings slight negligence, but doesn’t look sloppy, then the effect of wet hair is what you need. To do it, use a combination of oil and gel. First, apply oil to strands to get the wet effect, then apply gel to keep the strands fixed.

hair style - braid

4) Create a braided bun

A bun will make the look youthful and will refresh it. It doesn’t matter whether you have dense or sparse hair. You may have locks braided and then pulled into a low bun if your hair is thick. If you are the owner of thin locks, then you may tease braids with fingers to add more volume. This hairstyle is easy to do, but it makes the overall look feminine, unique, and complicated.

hair style - waves

5) Waves

The waves always look alluring and make each look festive. You may go for Holywood waves, which are sleek and definite or choose messy waves, which create a relaxed look. Just curl your strands with a curling iron, you may go into different directions: inwards and outwards. Then comb through the curls and fix with the setting spray.

New Hair Accessories

If you don’t have time to create a sophisticated updo, but want to add freshness to the look, you may use hair accessories. They can make any hairstyle unique and beautiful. Here are tips how to style and wear hair accessories.

hair style - ring braids

1) Ring Braids

This accessory is practical and easy to style. It is fixed near the hairline and it may be hidden under layers so that it looks pretty. The braids are embellished with rings, which makes the hairstyle more interesting.


Grab the section of hair and start braiding, then slide a golden ring around one section and continue braiding so that it is locked in place. Once you’ve finished braiding, secure the plait with an elastic. You can make more plaits on the other side.

hair style - stacked barretes

2) Stacked barrettes

If you like chaotic lines and the fusion of contrasts, then this updo is for you. An offbeat accessory can make even a tousled hairstyle elegant. Use barrettes of different shapes, colors, and textures to achieve a sophisticated look.


Apply gel to strands and make a mess on the head. Then pull locks together into a bun or a twist and secure with barrettes. Make sure that they have a contrasting color so that they’ll look nice on your hair. Finally, pull out face-framing wisps to make the look more playful.

hair style - woven braids

3) Woven Rings

If you don’t like clipping or pinning your strands, then woven rings are what you need. You just should wave your locks through this accessory to create a modern look.


Take one section of hair above the ear and weave through the golden hoops. Secure hair and the ring with a bobby pin, so that it doesn’t slide. You may wrap the section around the head to reach the opposite side and tie the sections together with the elastic.

hair style - metal headband

4) Metal Headband

This accessory is a must have for any fashionista because it offers a great combinability and it helps to make the hairstyle especially beautiful without much effort. It may decorate a bun, a top knot or alluring waves and may be placed on the forehead or on the nape. It depends on your desire and the hairstyle.


Create soft, messy waves and take a headband and place it at the top. You should do a small bouffant at the top to add the volume. Besides, you may take several sections in the front, pin them backward and place the decoration on the back of the head. It will look unusual.

hair style - bandana

5) A Bandana

A bandana is an indispensable accessory. It may protect hair from the sun, give additional support to the ponytail or a bun, and it brings out your facial features when it is wrapped around the head. On top of that, it may keep your waves in one place and if you want to change the hairstyle, just take the bandana off, tie it around the neck, and create a cute bow. It will add a touch of romance to the look.


Gather braids or waves at the top and secure with the elastic, then wrap the bandana around hair and fix with pins to prevent it from slipping out during the day. Or you may create a messy bun at the top, wrap the bandana around the head to put an accent on the face and pull out wisps to soften the facial features.

Hence, there are many alternative ways, which can change your hairstyle without cutting. So, don’t be afraid of experiments because they will enliven your hairstyle, bring something new to your look and make you more self-confident.