benefits of beach lifestyle

[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#C0C0C0″ background_color=””]L[/eltdf_dropcaps]iving near the ocean is everyone’s dream. Can you imagine waking to a spectacular sunrise and taking in the scenery as you sip a cup of coffee? You may be surprised to learn that living near the seaside has tremendous benefit for your health. Science has done extensive research into the topic of coastal living and has discovered that people that choose a beach lifestyle to feel less stress, experience a better quality of life, and generally have better levels of physical and mental health.

Coastal estate living has always been popular for permanent residents and holidaymakers. So, if you are thinking of moving to a seaside dwelling such as West Palm Beach waterfront real estate then here are some health benefits that you can expect as your body and mind unwind from the hectic pace of city life.

#1 Swimming in the Ocean

The living ocean has mythical healing powers and anyone that lives by the sea will tell you the same. Cuts and wounds seem to heal faster with regular dips in the saltwater, your sinus and eyes will be flushed of all toxins and cleaned out.

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Many people report a tingling, vital sensation throughout their bodies after a swim in the sea. Saltwater has a revitalizing effect and some even say that it cleanses the soul as well. The ocean conditions vary depending on the ocean.

The raw, gloomy power of the Atlantic and the pristine clarity of the South-Pacific, what do you prefer? Are you someone that loves to swim in the cold, powerful waves with a chill in the air? Or does soaking up the sun in nothing but a bathing suit and sunglasses seem more like your style?

Swimming in a pool is a poor comparison, the ocean is constantly moving and pulsing, the tides changing and storms bring swells across thousands of miles to break on the shore, do you wish you were there?

#2 Opportunities for an Active Lifestyle

The beach lifestyle brings with it a healthy dose of physical activity. One cannot simply live by the beach and do nothing, that would be sacrilegious. If you move to the ocean, consider taking up an ocean sport. The attractive allure of sliding down waves on a surfboard or paddle-ski seems amazing, fighting the face of a wave to gain momentum and carve a line in the surf.

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Diving and snorkeling are also great options that improve your fitness and your cardiovascular capabilities. You can fish from a kayak and bring home a fresh kingfish to grill in the evening. There is so much to do in the water, that you might not even have the time to get back to land for a run on the beach.

#3  Soak up the Sun

Moving to a sunny beach town is great for the waves and the water, as well as the local coastal scenery. While you are at it, you may as well expose your skin to the early morning sun before it gets too high in the sky. Work on your tan and receive a natural boost of Vitamin D from the sun’s rays.

Vitamin D improves immune function and bone health, as well as increasing endorphin production, the ‘feel-good’ hormones that make your brain dance with delight. The good news is that your skin will still absorb the vitamin D from the sunlight, even while you are wearing sunscreen!

#4 Breathing Ocean Air

The scent of the salty sea air has a cleansing and revitalizing effect. Breath in deeply and let the salt air clean your lungs of toxins and increase the oxygen levels in your blood. Research has been done into the healing power of the ocean’s salt air and water.

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Research has shown that people living with respiratory conditions such as asthma and even serious conditions like cystic fibrosis can benefit from the expellant effect of salt air, clearing the lungs and increasing airflow and air absorption.

#5 Connecting with Yourself

As you sit on the beach, staring at the sunset and digging your toes into the ground, you may notice that your mind clears and your thoughts calm from their hectic daily pace. This effect is not just in your head, research has shown that living by the ocean increases cognitive function and soothes any feelings of anxiety.

Living by the ocean can give you time to think about your life, reflecting on the past and planning the future. Where ever you decide to go, the Atlantic, or the Pacific, you most certainly won’t regret it.