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Visiting Jamaica is one of the best things that you could hope for when it comes to a Caribbean holiday. I find that it is even more unique than the other islands, with an atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the world. A Jamaica vacation is truly something special, so that is why I am writing this article about it. I hope you enjoy it and I hope that it inspires you to visit Jamaica one day too.


There is nothing better than food from Jamaica, it has all the elements that I like. There is also a nice combination of spices and freshness that has been born from the mix of cultures in Jamaica, as well as the fresh produce like plantain and fresh fish that are available around the island.

Ackee and saltfish are definitely the national dish of Jamaica and is a must do when you are in Jamaica. There would be no point of going if you didn’t try this delicious dish. It is a mixture of salted fish and ackee, which is an interesting fruit that is related to lychees. Spices are used to cook the ackee and saltfish and it is served with dumplings, plantains, bread or rice. This is a very delicious dish that is made with love and it is like something your mother would make, but 10 times better (no offense). Eating Jerk chicken (or any other meat for that matter) is also a great experience and with this spicy dish, you are very likely to get hooked on spices. I really loved the combination of flavors and spices and everyone is Jamaica competes to make the best jerk seasoning. To me, it is all amazing and can’t complain about a little healthy competition.

There is so much fantastic food in Jamaica, but unfortunately, it cannot all be described in one blog post! You just have to get out there yourself and enjoy it, but now onto the beaches.


Beaches are one of the best parts about Jamaica and the waters are crystal clear with white sands to top things off. They are absolutely perfect for swimming and relaxing, here are a few of my absolute favorites for you to enjoy:

James Bond Beach

This great beach is located a mere 20 minutes from Ocho Rios and is one of the most famous beaches in all of Jamaica. It gets its name from the place where Ian Fleming (the author of the James Bond novels)

Seven Mile Beach

As the name suggests, there are seven miles of amazing white sands and crystal blue waters that are just waiting for you. Sunsets are naturally a treat here, especially when the red sun reflects off the bright blue waters. There are naturally thousands of places to set yourself up on the beach here and also some great restaurants and live music to keep you entertained well into the night.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

This beach is probably one of the best in Jamaica and naturally has an interesting story to go with it. It was alleged that the beach’s waters had magical healing powers and because of this people flocked there. When you see this wonderful beach you will believe it yourself that the waters could possibly be magical. Whether you believe the superstition or not, it is a great beach to visit and mingle with the locals.

The Nature

We already talked a little bit about Jamaica and some of the amazing beaches that it has, but this is not the whole extent of the stunning nature and there are some other great places, especially because the island is covered with a lot of rich greenery. Here are some of my favorites:

The Blue Mountains

This is one of the largest parks in the country and is the perfect place to explore. A hike to the huge summit is an adventure in itself because you hike through some intensely thick and green vegetation. This is an exhilarating challenge for anyone looking to take it. I really enjoy going here, because it is like being in the wilderness (but not quite). It is also possible to bike in the area too, which is another great way to explore this wonderful park.

Somerset Falls

The falls are a stunning sight to see and the water from the Daniels River gushes through a gorge and a rainforest in order to create these amazing feats of nature. It is a great pleasure to swim in the deep rock pools and the waters are clear and extremely refreshing in the tropical conditions of Jamaica.

Dunn’s River Falls

Have you ever considered climbing a waterfall before? The answer is probably a resounding no because this is just not something you can do anywhere, is it? At these falls you can do just that because they have a terraced form with many flat sections that allows you “climb the stairs”. It is a very strange but nice experience to be able to this and looks totally unreal when you first see people trying to climb the falls. Another interesting fact about the falls is that it is one of the few waterfalls on the planet that flows directly into the sea.

Green Grotto Caves

These interesting limestone caves were once the home slaves that had run away from their masters. The formations of the cave feature the classic stalagmites and stalactites that are typical of limestone caves. There is also an extremely beautiful crystal clear underground lake here for you to see and enjoy.