Maybe you’re heading to Thailand for a summer beach vacation; maybe you’ve planned a road trip down to Florida to soak in the summer sun; or, maybe you’re not going anywhere, but you’re stuck in the sticky heat of a metropolis like Toronto, on a packed subway to work– you’re going to run up against a good deal of heat and humidity, and when you do you want to ensure your skin gets the TLC it needs. Skin is the organ most susceptible to heat (which makes sense, as it’s the one that spends all the time outdoors!) and in order to ensure that it doesn’t break out or burn, special precautions should be taken with the kind – and quality – of the products you use.

Skincare Advice For The Heat And Humidity woman lipstick driving summer

First off, try and use a light moisturizer, one that absorbs quickly and doesn’t hang around on the surface of your skin, and has an appropriate SPF. The last thing you want is a heavy, oily liquid on you in the heat, so look for a water-based, hydrating moisturizer or sunscreen lotion. And you shouldn’t have to trade a day at the beach for future wrinkles or sagging skin, so when you shop for a water-based moisturizer or lotion, choose one that can also protect you against the aging effects of UV rays.

If you can find a mattifying sunscreen, definitely go for it. There are a wide array of mattifying products out there, and a website like b-glowing will have the lion’s share of them at the click of a mouse, but what you really want to make sure to have on hand is a mattifying primer. You should apply a mattifying primer before you start your makeup routine, in order to avoid the dreaded ‘shine’ that accompanies humidity, and to ensure that your makeup is applied evenly and correctly, lasting you throughout the day. Just make sure, once the day is done, to clean that makeup off thoroughly with a lightweight cleanser. Gel cleansers are perfect for humid weather, or, if you want something that will strip a bit more oil off (not too much!) you could also go for a foam cleanser.

So, you’ve got your primer (check!) but you still feel like the sweat and humidity are wreaking havoc on your makeup – reaching for a good quality setting spray deals humidity the one-two punch it needs to stay away from your beautiful face. Your makeup needs all the insurance it can get in hot and humid clients, which is why a setting spray, usually conveniently sized to travel with you throughout the day, is so important. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a cool mist on their face on a hot day? Also, as an added bonus there are setting sprays nowadays, like the Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist, that are SPF-infused, because you can always use more protection!

Lastly, if you’re vulnerable to acne breakouts, you’ll want to look into treatment options, with great quality acne travel kits available from Tammy Fender, or, if you’re prone to wrinkling, anti-aging options to counter the sun’s inevitable presence in the warm weather months. Look for products that increase cell turnover, the ability for our skin to create new cells that travel to the surface, shedding the old cells and setting back the process of wrinkling.

Humidity doesn’t have to be a drag. You don’t have to feel like your skin is sopping with oil or sweat in the hotter months, nor do you have to feel like your face looks anything less than radiant. Being mindful to tweak certain products or methods seasonally is a small undertaking and one that will see you, and your skin, living more harmoniously alongside the changes in climate, getting the most out of the sun’s vitamin d while sparing yourself the ill effects of its UV rays and heat.