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After a grueling day at work, it’s customary for most of us to unwind and relax in our backyards. It just feels right to get your share of fresh air and sunshine after sitting cocooned within the four walls. However, at times the sun’s rays can be too harsh and you might have to crawl back indoors.

The outdoor is perfect for pool parties, barbecue evenings, and great for family time. Besides bringing a sense of personal space, your backyard can be transformed into something truly extraordinary using a fair amount of canopy coverage. They don’t need too much pondering and are extremely easy on the wallet as well.

Canopies can serve your design and functional demands effectively. Besides heightened curb appeal, canopies are energy-efficient and can give your property renewed aesthetic appeal. They work great to shield you from the scorching rays of the sun and mild winds. With the right canopy fittings and canopy parts, you can’t go wrong with your landscaping design.

Here’s a list of the diverse benefits you can enjoy from canopy fixtures your home or business:

Outdoor Friendly

Well-built canopies can help you balance the sun-shade equation a great extent by giving you just the right dose of the sun on a perfect, bright morning. You can enjoy the vast outdoors without being bothered by the weather outside unless it’s tumultuous.

Curb Appeal

Customized canopy solutions can heighten your property’s curb appeal and increase the value of your home. If you decide to put your property up for sale, having a functional canopy can look impressive while helping you get the right price for the house.

Added Space

Canopies allow you the luxury of an add-on space where you can comfortably relax, enjoy, entertain family and friends, or just sit with your feet up while sipping on a refreshing glass of lemonade.

Control Utility Expenses

Having a canopy can help control power bills a certain extent when you choose to bask outdoors when the weather is perfect, rather than sitting indoors. This beats turning thermostat levels up or down when relaxing under a canopy can serve the purpose without eating into your wallet.

Making Your Own Canopy

This is something you can handle without having to spend on outside help. Canopies are quick, easy, and affordable investments that suit just about any household with a backyard. To make sure you reap optimal benefits, make sure you’re using the best canopy fittings and canopy parts.

You can purchase a $15 to $20 water-resistant drop cloth, which is easily available at Home Depot or other convenient stores. They won’t protect you from serious storms or a heavy downpour, but they still work really well. Another, way around this predicament is painting the top of the fabric with outdoor latex paint. If you want to go really cheap, a fancy bed sheet will also do the trick to double up as a canopy.

The next vital ingredient to your DIY canopy is poles that can go right into the ground – curtain rods will work great if you aren’t too particular. They are available anywhere at an affordable price if you don’t already have one lying around. Choose the height, design, material and you’re all set to roll.

Remember . . .

If you’re working with a flimsy fabric, it’s definitely going to flap mercilessly in the wind which can be annoying. You can minimize the flapping by securing it with a cord in an “X” formation between diagonally opposite corners. Once you ensure that the canopy is stretched tight, you don’t have to worry about it giving away on a breezy day.

Versatility Beyond Measure

There’s no standard size specification for a canopy – you can customize them depending on your requirement. The largest canopy is believed to stretch 1 million square feet, like the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center in Kazakhstan housing shops, water parks, restaurants, and much more

You can go as big or small provided you know exactly where it’s directed. The bigger the event (if you’re organizing one) the larger the expanse of the canopy. If you aren’t sure about the spread of the fabric, it’s a good idea to reach out to people who have the know-how.

If the canopy is a permanent fixture to uplift the attitude of your backyard, 10 x 10 feet canopy can conveniently hold 8 people. Before you dive right in, don’t forget to invest in the right make of canopy fittings and canopy parts. Furthermore, this can bring texture and attitude to an otherwise forlorn space in your backyard.

It’s time to turn your outdoors into a fantastic extended space with the right selection of canopy coverage.

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