While surfing through some of the most popular travel websites such as Yatra, you must have come across the face of the Singapore Airlines flights to India that has got reduced at present due to the off season coming up in the world of tourism. So, when the prices are a little pocket-friendly at present, don’t you think that you should break the trend of keeping your international tour restricted to the countries in Asia? Well, of course, you should.

Book and a Cup of Coffee

Apart from the Singapore Airlines flights to India, the flights taking you to the US have also reduced the fare and that is another reason why you should grab the opportunity and plan your next trip to one of the most influential and glamorous countries in the world – the USA.

There are many places in the USA that you would definitely want to visit. This is the reason why running around and adjusting to the 5 different time zones in the country would make you crave for at least one peaceful day during your stay in the USA. And, which can be better than Tampa in Florida for spending a day in respite? So, in this article, you will get to know the 5 places in Tampa where you can sit with a book and a cup of coffee ad spend the entire day in pure bliss.

  1. The Homely Hillsborough River State Park: The Hillsborough River State Park is that place in the heart of Florida that would make you feel nostalgic. When you visit the Hillsborough River State Park, the various activities like fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and others would compel you to get back to the days of your childhood. While you would be waiting by the water till a fish gets trapped to your fishing hook, you can have a good laugh with your family and friends over a cup of steaming coffee. And, if quietude is what you prefer, then you can always read the pages of your favourite book touched by the peeping sunlight through the canopy above.
  2. The Beautiful Ben T Davies Beach: The Ben T Davies Beach is one of the most brilliant beaches in the region. The soft sand of the beach glittering in the sunlight would beckon you to enjoy the scenery on a warm day. And, when you have had your lunch and want to spend some time in peace, you can easily sit under the shade of an umbrella and flip through the pages of the trendy books. And, to beat the heat in summer, a chilled cold coffee is a must!
  3. The Charming Cypress Point Park: The Cypress Point Park is that beach that man has beautified over the years to spend a day in relaxation in the heart of nature. After returning from a walk down the trails left behind by the thousands of feet that have walked this place centuries away, a cup of coffee and an inspiring book would indeed be very inviting.
  4. The Picturesque Picnic Island Park: With a strong pier standing on the beach telling the viewers the tales dating back to the world wars in secrecy, the Picnic Island Beach is the perfect place for spending a hearty day with the members of the family. While your children read their favorite comic books or run around the beach to play their favorite sport, you can share a cup of coffee with your spouse and enjoy the moment on this land.
  5. The Lovely Lowry Park: When Nature beckons you to enjoy a day on its lap, the Lowry Park opens its door to the visitors. While walking down the woodland like the romantic couples whom you watch on the television, you can share a shy smile with your partner over a cup of coffee or let your better half read your favourite lines from the favourite volume of poetry of yours.

Well, as you can perceive, there isn’t a better place on the earth than Tampa in Florida for spending a day in tranquility. In fact, this place is so serene that it would help you to discover yourself anew. Thus, you should definitely visit this place when you go to the USA.