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There’s a globetrotter inside each and every one of us. To fulfill our lust for exploration we often need road trips, island vacations, and picnics. But with the responsibility of kids comes great sacrifice. My traveling days are over! That’s what you may think. It’s hard to leave your kids behind or to take them with you, so you skip the thought of traveling.

Worry no more! You can take your kids with you on trips without them getting on your last nerve. We have mentioned 6 ways below that can keep your kids busy during long road trips and flights. Now you can savor every moment of your travel in peace.

1. Activity Books and Printables

Activity books such as drawing, reading, and puzzle books are easily available to keep your kids busy during the tour. Kids love going through the pictures of illustrated story books. You can also keep some printables that they can color without feeling restless throughout the traveling hours. Help them solve puzzles and crosswords or get them their favorite comic book so that you can enjoy the trip in peace. If you have got nothing around, start telling them an interesting story. It will work just as fine.

2. Portable Audio and Video Player

Music and movies are the best entertainment one can use to get caught up in a world of their own. Bring a portable MP3 player along to play some of your child’s best jams. You can use a tablet or a laptop to play their favorite cartoons and animated movies. An old-fashioned portable DVD player will do the trick too or you can even use your trusted smartphone. This practice will relax their mind and put them to sleep, which means a few hours of a whine-free ride!

3. Travel Games

Log on to Friv for a variety of travel-friendly free flash games that can keep your kids occupied for a long time. Make sure to have an internet connection in your ride. If you have WiFi access, there are plenty possibilities to ease the kids. Quick and exciting games on Juegos Friv are a surefire way to while away the hours. You can also download games on your smartphone that do not require an internet connection for playing. Just be sure your kid isn’t busy gaming excessively or it will strain their eyes.

4. Snacks and Munchies

A pro tip before setting out on a family trip is to keep a separate bag of snacks and goodies (crisps, cookies, juices, whatever you can get your hands on!). The easiest way to distract your kids is by handing them a pack of munchies and food items to nibble on. Most of the times, children irritate elders during long rides for the sole purpose of hunger. A satisfied tummy will keep them calm for a few hours if not longer.

5. Cheap Digital Camera

Who doesn’t love taking pictures? I’m sure your kids do. Get them a cheap digital camera, so they can take photographs of themselves and their surroundings. You can also play scavenger hunt and list down all the items that need to be spied. Polaroid and Fujifilm can develop instant photographs. All the fun pictures can, later on, be a part of your album to remind everyone of a great trip.

6. Travel-Sized Toys and Items

You can bring along travel toys and creative objects to immerse your kids into something more playful. White boards with dry erase pens and magic writing pads give birth to exciting games like hangman, tic-tac-toe, and dumb charades. You can also hand them silly putty; it looks so cool and squishy. With things like play dough, they will spend a good time without disturbing you at all.