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If you are scratching your head wondering what to buy a male relative, or friend, for his birthday, you are in the right place. Below I go through some options to help you to come up with a clothing gift that will actually be worn.

Shirts and other tops

T-shirts and shirts make especially good gifts. Most men wear them, but you need to be careful about what style you choose. The safest approach is to buy something that is similar to what they already own. Take the time to note what they wear the most often, and buy something similar.

It is usually best to stick to buying casual shirts unless you know the person you are buying for well. To buy a formal shirt you really need to know the man´s collar size. Without that vital measurement, it is difficult to get the fit right.

This year, Polo shirts are particularly popular. There are plenty of designs to choose from, and the way they are cut means that it does not matter too much if they are a little big.


In many families, buying dad a pair of socks for Christmas is a long held tradition. Provided you buy some good quality pairs they can just as easily be given as birthday gifts.

Trousers and jeans

Trousers are a bit trickier to give as gifts. It can be really hard to get the sizing and style choice right. A man who looks great in a pair of 501´s is likely to hate wearing a pair made by another manufacturer, even if they are a similar cut. If you do want to give jeans or trousers stick to buying the exact brand and cut that they already wear.


Similar rules apply when buying footwear. If the man you are buying for always wears a particular brand and style of trainers or boots you are fairly safe giving them as a gift.

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Accessories like belts, braces, ties and cuff links make great gifts. An awful lot of men do not own a good quality belt, so they are a really good idea.

Grooming gifts

Items like shoe trees, gentleman´s valets, and clothes brushes can also make good gifts. These make ideal presents for those men who like to spend quite a bit on their clothes or have to dress formally, for work. For men who travel on a regular basis, a nice toiletries bag or shaving kit could also work.

Gift vouchers

If none of the above ideas appeals, you could always opt to give clothing vouchers instead. You can personalize the gift by making sure that you buy them from a retailer that you know they like and use.

Keep the receipt

Regardless of the type of gift, you decide to give, you need to realize that there is a chance that it will need to be sent back. Therefore, before buying, it is wise to check out the firm´s returns policy. You can find out more about your right to return goods, on this page.