There’s no need to search the world wide web for illegal sources and possibly infect your device with a virus, because I already searched for you where to watch Korean Dramas online in the Philippines, for free! And the best part, this is where to download kdrama for free as well so you could watch your favorite series offline and on-the-go! Excited to know more? Then read the rest of my Viu app review.

viu app review - where to watch korean dramas online in the philippines for free download free - viu review

What is it?

Viu App is a localized, legal mobile platform providing online video content in the Asia-Pacific region. Viu provides free access to a library of Korean and Japanese content – latest top rated simulcast and library titles, with English subtitles. All Korean and Japanese drama series, movies, and popular Korean variety shows are available as fast as 8 to 24 hours after its native telecast. Users need not spend time browsing the Internet for illegal sources and do not need to worry if the series they are watching may be discontinued due to copyright issues. Users can enjoy seamless viewing experience across devices from computers to tablets and to mobile phones.

Viu provides mainly Korean and Japanese drama series, Korean lifestyle, music and variety shows catered to all different age groups.

The Viu App Review

You can watch shows in Viu through your desktop computer and laptop, but in this review, I will focus on the mobile app only.

viu app review - viu review


When you open the Viu app, the homepage will feature all the latest Korean drama trailers, the latest episodes of on-going dramas, and even entertainment news from K1. So if you’re kinda lost and don’t know what to watch first, the homepage will help you decide.

viu app review - viu review


If you’re looking for something specific, Viu also has a nice category layout where the shows are categorized to Fresh Releases (new episodes or shows), Korean Dramas, Korean Variety Shows, Japanese Dramas and more. Besides that, they also have a great search tab where you could just type the show or movie you’re specifically looking for the name of the actor/actress you want to watch. Lastly, my favorite, they have a history page so you can check which was the last shows you watched.


All the video thumbnails have a small circle logo with a plus sign inside located at the lower right corner. Clicked it and the show or episode will be added to your bookmark. It’s like a “watchlist” where you can organize the shows you like easily.

viu app review - viu review


On the desktop view, the layout is almost the same as YouTube. The video player is on the left and there’s a tab on the right where you could choose the episodes. While on the mobile app, it’s almost the same as the YouTube app as well, but the episode selection is in a form of scrolling and swiping left. But when you clicked “show all” a list of episodes number will drop down. I like it, easy and swift. There are also recommendations on the bottom of the page, showing other series that are related to the current show you’re watching.

viu app review - viu review - where to watch korean dramas online


You could watch on Viu in full screen. Viu offers up to 480p video streaming quality and a 1080p HD resolution. But it still depends on your internet connection, the minimum download speed for SD quality is 1 Mbps. My favorite part of their player is that it automatically starts the next episode when the one you currently watching ended, just like on Netflix, unless you already skip ahead.

Felt sleepy while watching but you’re still in the middle of the episode? No worries, you can exit anytime. When you opened any last episode you watched in any shows, it will automatically start where you left in the episode. Plus, it’s also recorded on your history page that I mentioned above.

Of course, everything is not perfect in this app. Since you could watch Korean dramas for free, there’s a catch. Besides the banner ads, there are also video ads that play once or twice in each middle of the episodes (depends on each show) just like those 5-second video ads on YouTube. But those ads are short and often times you could just skip them. Not annoying at all, and better than those TV Ad commercials. Another way to enjoy watching K-dramas is using a projector. Whether you’re watching Korean movies inside our outside it pays to have a good screen/projector like those on Outdoor Movie HQ

viu app review - viu review - where to watch korean dramas online


This is, no doubt, will be every Filipino’s favorite feature because of our sh*tty mobile data connection. You can watch Korean dramas on Viu app on-the-go while commuting or everywhere else. Just click the vertical three dots in the upper right corner of the video and click “Download” and it will be saved on your device for offline watching.

The downside of this feature is that you can only download a maximum of three episodes for those who are using the free membership. If you want unlimited episode downloads, you have to upgrade to premium membership.


  • You can watch unlimited Korean and Japanese dramas FOR FREE with English subtitles. And as of November 2017, Asian Movies are already available for premium members! No more searching for illegal resources where to watch Korean dramas online.
  • Latest episodes are uploaded 8 hours after its native telecast.
  • I don’t know exactly how many shows they offer but it’s a lot! Not just the latest, but some early 2000’s dramas are also available.
  • Easy navigation
  • Good quality videos
  • Available for both Android and iOs users, and even on the desktop.


  • Many ads for free membership.
  • Limited downloads on free membership.
  • Not available in AndroidTV. (If an employee of Viu is reading my review, PLEASE make this available in AndroidTVs!)

How to Download?

For Android users go to the Google Playstore, while for iOS users go to App Store, and then search “Viu” or you could just go to their official website for the direct links. Besides the Philippines, Viu is also available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

How Much is the Premium Membership?

Viu Premium Membership cost Php129 for 30 days. No contract, no commitment, you can cancel anytime. You can pay through 7eleven or Cebuana Lhuillier via Load Central, but you could also pay through the app by connecting your credit or debit card in Google Playstore.

Here are some shows you could watch in Viu:

Reply 1988

Don’t be fooled by their mediocre 80’s outfits and tacky promotional poster, because Reply 1988 is one of the most high-rated Korean Drama in 2016. The five main cast members, which included Park Bo Gum, were barely known actors at that time but they suddenly shoot to stardom after this series. This series (not to be confused with Reply 1997 and Reply 1994 which are all in the same franchise but different plots and not connected) is about five childhood friends who live in the same neighborhood block. The narrator is the only female of the group, and the format of the story is she’s telling the best year of her childhood for a documentary in 2015. The most exciting part of the story is figuring out who among her four friends she ended up marrying. And I will tell you, it’s not as easy as you think. I also like the soundtrack of this series because it’s mostly Western 80’s music so expect some George Michael, Rick Astley, and more! Even Barry Manilow!

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo

If you’re as baffled as me why someone suddenly as you “do you like Messi?” It’s all because of this show! Turns out it’s a small talk move to your crush specifically for girls because boys like sports so there’s a high chance they like Messi. This K-drama is about two athletes, friendship, and of course, love. And by the way, I’m a Real Madrid fan so NO, I’m not a fan of Messi!

Fight My Way

This is a new show and still on-going, but I highly recommend it! It’s basically about four people who had big dreams when they were younger, one was even a prodigy, but they all ended up being “normal adults” which is very relatable especially to my fellow millennials, but they still work to fulfill their dreams. It’s hilarious and kinda romantic.


Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this international drama sensation, Goblin. It stars Gong Yoo, as the immortal Goblin. If his name sounds familiar, you may have seen the Korean movie last year called “Train to Busan” you know, that another zombie movie that you’re friend won’t shut up talking about it. (Well I’m sorry, it’s really good! It’s better than Brad Pitt’s World War Z and Walking Dead!) As mentioned in the trailer, this is a sad love story… but it’s also hilarious! I won’t explain more to avoid spoilers, but there’s a good reason why this is the most popular and best selling Korean drama right now. So GO WATCH IT NOW if you haven’t yet.

Lovely Love Lie

This show just wrapped up last month and perfect for those who love K-Pop. All the actors here really sings and plays the instruments, they even had an actual mini-concert for the show’s wrap-up. Anyway, it’s about love at first sight, I know sounds cliche, but hear me out! The trailer doesn’t give much besides showing that Lee Hyun Woo’s character is often lying to his girlfriend played by Joy of K-Pop girl group Red Velvet. But this show is basically about the struggles of starting a career in the music industry and the downside when you reach fame. It’s about the relationship, friendship, and career but it’s also hilarious and romantic. Plus the songs are very cute and it will get stuck in your head especially “Shiny Boy”. This is also the first lead role of Lee Seo-won, and he’s predicted to be the next Song Joong-ki and Park Go Bum.

Running Man

This one is variety show starring Lee Kwang-soo, Song Ji-Hyo, and other more actors and comedians. This is hilarious, but the format is not like the globally popular SNL (Saturday Night Live). This is more like an Amazing Race mash up with a gag show. You have to see at least one episode to get hooked. Another one I like about Running Man is that they often cast top Korean celebrities like Lee Dong-Wook! Since the cast members are mostly friends with them. Actually, this is the show where Song Joong-ki started and sometimes he drops by for a visit with other celebrities like Zo In Sung.

We Got Married

This is another variety show, but honestly, in other countries, we call this “reality show” and this is a must watch for die-hard K-drama fans! We Got Married pairs Korean actors, actresses, and idols and make them live like a real married couple for a year, or more! Yes, you’ll get to watch some of your oppas with your fave unnies live like a married couple. This show is both romantic and funny! Actually, Choi Siwon of Super Juniors was cast here and paired with Chinese supermodel Liu Wen. But my latest favorite is Yook Sungjae of BTOB & Goblin and Joy of Red Velvet (and the lead actress on Lovely Love Lie), their episodes are so cute especially when they were doing the laundry.

Now you know where to watch Korean dramas online and where to download kdrama both for free, which series are you excited to watch in Viu App? Or you have other recommendations? Share it below!