What kind of skin problems do you have? And be honest, because everyone does have at least one, even those who seems like they have the perfect skin and there’s no shame for that. The most skin problems people have are blackheads, flakes from dry skin, and sebum, and luckily, we all have solutions and preventions for that kind of skin problems. What if I tell you that there is one product that claims to help you with all those skin problems? I know right, too good to be true? That’s why I write this Skin9dan Black Pack Cleanser review to finally answer if it’s real or just too good to be true.

skin9dan black pack cleanser review

What is it?

Skin9dan Black Pack Cleanser promises to cleanse and tighten your pores, moisturize, and lastly help your skin glow. It’s a smart cleanser that removes dirt, and fill your skin with nutrients. It has bamboo charcoal that absorbs dirt which also works as a mild scrub that removes sebum and blackheads in pores, and volcanic ash that removes oil that comes out of enlarged pores due to UV rays in sunlight. Besides those, it also contains acai berry, blackberry, blueberry, black bean, black rice, black pearl, and shea butter which are all famous for their anti-oxidant effect that prevents aging, vitamins, nutrients, and moisturizing effect.


APPLICATION: You don’t need to wet your face when applying this, just squeeze an adequate amount on your hands and spread it on your face like how you use a mud face mask. Preferably, apply thick amount on your face. Skin9dan has a creamy texture and it melts down the sebum and dirt so leave it for 1-3 minutes but if you’re too busy to do this you could just proceed to gently massage your face with a little bit water. And the wash it all after the black pack turned into foam.

skin9dan black pack cleanser review - packaging

SCENT: Despite its color, Skin9dan Black Pack Cleanser actually have a sweet candy smell, almost like a bubblegum.

PACKAGING: Compared to other face pack or face mask cleansers, Skin9dan Black Pack Cleanser is packaged in a 100mL plastic that resembles a juice pack. You know, those juices that mom’s put in your lunch boxes when you were in kindergarten. There’s nothing fancy about it but I like that this kind of packaging is easy to bring when you travel, and it’s also easy to squeeze. Plus, you could just easily cut it in half if you want to use every single drop of the product.

skin9dan black pack cleanser review - makeup remover

RESULTS: I don’t really use Skin9dan Black Pack Cleanser. However, I travel often and I don’t bring all the products in my skincare routine because I don’t like to bring too many products. Skin9dan Black Pack Cleanser is very convenient when it comes to traveling, it’s easy to bring, doesn’t take much space, it has a nice sealed cap so you don’t have to worry that it might explode inside your vanity bag, and most importantly, it’s a multi-tasking product so you don’t have to give up a good skincare when you travel. Just spread it to your face, gently massage it, and you have a clean, moisturized, and makeup-free face. I especially love that this product makes my skin feel so smooth and smells so nice after using it.

Yes, this product is so good in cleansing, it can also remove your makeup. So when you leave this on your face for 1-3 minutes, it will also melt away your makeup such as your foundation. Check out my GIF below, the only thing it wasn’t able to fully remove was my Kylie Cosmetic Lip Pencil which I used to draw eyes and the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips. In the products defense, those are lip products and this is not marketed to be used for lips.


PROS: It deeply cleanses your face to remove the sebum, dirt, and even makeup. It also leaves your face moisturized, smooth, and smells so fresh. It’s easy to bring on travels and has a convenient packaging. It doesn’t dry unlike other face packs, and you don’t need to wait for it to dry on your face to effectively work. Lastly, despite using the thick amount on the face, the 100mL really goes a long way.

CONS: I don’t really have blackheads, but my brother does so I made him use this. After a week of using this, he said it doesn’t really remove his blackheads so he still uses peel-off pore masks.

Will I buy it again? Probably yes, when it’s on sale. Since I only prefer to use this on my travels. But if you want to lessen your skincare routine, then I recommend this multi-tasking product.

Where to buy?

I bought my Skin9dan Black Pack Cleanser in Althea for Php500. It also comes with a very cute headband which is used to push back your hair when washing it, but it will cost you an additional Php70. But trust me, it’s so cute, that extra Php70 is worth it!


Althea Korea ships in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and even in the United States. You can also get up to Php350 off when you signed up and used my Althea Coupon Code “stylevanity” before checkout.

What do you think of this Skin9dan Black Pack Cleanser review? Will you try it, or you think there’s a better face pack cleaner than this? Share it below!