I love outdoor parties. I love hosting them.  I love attending them.  I love planning them.  I love helping other people plan them.  We have all been to that perfect outdoor party that leaves us itching to host one of our own.  And we have all probably been to the one that we were dying to leave immediately.

Outdoor parties are like any other party, with a lot more variables to consider. The planning is crucial to pull off an al fresco soiree.  So, if you are looking to host an outdoor party, look no further, I am here to guide you through what you need to prepare for the perfect outdoor party experience.

We’ve got you covered

The biggest variable in planning an outdoor party is the weather. Even the perfect climates have a rainstorm rip through now and again.  When planning your perfect outdoor party, be sure to budget and plan for a marquee.  This will give you enormous peace of mind that your party will be fab even if the weather is drab.  There are tons of companies out there to choose from, may I recommend Marquee Monkeys as a professional, reliable and stylish option!

string light outdoor party

Light it Up

As the sun sets, eyes begin to adjust to the evening ambiance. What better way to invite the night than have the perfect ambient lighting slowly come into effect as the sun disappears behind the clouds.  Well, thought out lighting will set the mood for guests.

Hang strings of lights around the marquee and on nearby tree branches. Hang lantern lights in the marquee that light up at sunset.  Have groups of candles strategically placed in natural gathering areas.  Watch as your guests light up with delight as the evening progresses tonight.

Outsmart the mosquitos

Mosquitos, the tiniest most annoying pest around. They are never invited to the party, but somehow they always seem to show up.  Doing some prep work to keep them off the guest list will be very appreciated by all.  Four ways to tackle the pesky pests:  get rid of all standing water a few days before the party (that is where they breed!), place fans in the marquee, buy bug repellent candles and place amongst other candles, have bug wipes available for guests if the season is particularly bad.

Master the Music

This is a serious make or breaks element. Good music is crucial for a good party.  A great party tip is to play music through numerous speakers at a lower volume rather than one large speaker aimed to pump up the whole party.

Put speakers above people’s heads so the music flows throughout. Rely on classics rather than use the party to test out that new band your cousin told you about.  Most of all, read the crowd.  When people seem antsy to ditch the Sinatra and pump up the beats, follow their lead.  Watch as a dance party naturally happens in your perfectly decorated marquee!

outdoor party playing children summer

Don’t Forget the Kiddos

As a parent, I am always so grateful when a party has considered children in the planning.  Incorporating a children’s entertainment area will ensure all guests can really relax, let loose, and enjoy the party.  Some kid party ideas are a bubble machine, a jumpy castle and disposable cameras allowing them to act as photographers for the party!

Chill Zone

Tables and Chairs are obvious to prepare for when planning a party. With that said, something to consider is a dedicated chill zone, a comfortable spot where guests can really lounge and let loose.  Adding elements like throw rugs, a couch, bean bags will attract the guest that is looking to pour a nice glass of bubbles and relax for the night in a chill, outdoor space.

I could barely finish writing this article because it got me so excited to start hosting and attending outdoor parties.  There is something special about the combination of fresh air, friends, good music, great lighting, all under the comfort of the perfect marquee.  Don’t let variables like weather, mosquitos, and dark skies shy you away from throwing the ultimate outdoor party.  Use the tips above and watch the perfect party unfold.