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On Trend Denim: Pairing Boots With Your Favorite Jeans

denim jeans boots fashion people

denim jeans boots fashion people

If you’ve ever struggled to make a pair of jeans tuck nicely into your favorite boots, you may wonder how other women manage to do so without trouble. Fear not, the process is actually quite simple. All you have to do is follow a few simple tricks and tips for pairing boots with your most treasured denim jeans.

Which jeans are best with boots

For a superior take on the classic jeans-and-boots look. Begin with a pair of boots that rise to just below your knee. Opt for boots that are a bit loose to allow room for denim jeans to be tucked in. The heel height is entirely up to you. Choose denim jeans that are without flare, if you can. At least make sure they are slightly snug at your thighs and knees. By the way, you’ll also want a pair of high, thin socks or a pair of fabulously flirty cute boot socks.

As we all know, jeans and boots go together like proverbial jelly and peanut butter. That is, they do if you know how to properly tuck your jeans into your trusty boots. If you don’t, your fashion situation may be uncomfortably awkward. Your jeans bunch at the knee, making you appear like an inebriated pirate, or your lovely leather boots look bumpy and lumpy from too-thick socks. Fortunately, this little fashion faux pas can be remedied without a whole lot of hassle, explains Bustle magazine.

denim jeans boots wood light fashion people

How to pair boots and jeans

Start by folding up the hem of your denim to that the bottom edge lands right about mid-ankle. Be careful not to cuff the pants too low, or they will wind up interfering with your heels. Fold them up one time, and that should do the trick. Next, “peg” your pants by folding the cuff you just made until it’s tight around your ankle. Once you’ve accomplished this, roll the bottom hem upwards just a bit. This will serve to lock the peg in place, so your pants don’t  rise up and out of your boots.

Brief history of denim blue jeans

One rarely hears the word ‘dungarees’ anymore, but that’s what denim pants were originally called. The word ‘denim’ derives from a city in France where local weavers produced a sturdy fabric that went by the elegant moniker, “Serge de Nîmes.” Nîmes weavers devised a long-lasting twill fabric that comprises a weft thread that passes under two, three, or more indigo-dyed warp threads. This is what gives modern denim jeans their blue exterior and white interior. In the 1950s, blue jeans were forbidden in some public locations such as movie theaters, schools, and eateries due to the fact that they were considered the garb of juvenile delinquents, notes History of Jeans magazine.

Invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873, jeans are durable, easy to wear, and always in fashion. In fact, denim jeans may be one of most everlasting American contributions to the world of casual style.