pearl bracelet

Pearl jewelry is quickly making a comeback on the fashion front, with women of all ages embracing these ultra-glam pieces and incorporating them into their everyday wear. There are plenty of reasons for the revival, including a newfound appreciation for vintage-inspired pieces and all things feminine. Whether you choose one great pearl piece or several, pearl jewelry is a fabulous way to breathe new life into your current wardrobe, ensuring a put-together look capable of navigating any event. From pearl necklaces to luxurious pearl bracelets and elegant earrings in between, this timeless jewelry is perfect for creating a polished look with little effort.

Pearl jewelry is intended to last a lifetime, and there are many ways to alter their appearance to create a look that is your very own. If you’ve grown tired of your pearl jewelry, or are simply looking for a way to spice things up, you can easily make your pieces shiny and new again by replacing your pearl bracelet clasp, for instance. A shiny new clasp in a brilliant finish can instantly revitalize your favorite piece, and whether you choose gold, silver or a jeweled version, the dramatic impact is the same. Choose an ornate filigree style, or opt for a sleek and modern clasp that pairs well with anything. Best of all, changing out your pearl bracelet clasps every few years is a superb way to keep trendy without breaking the bank!

Whether your pearls are single or multi-strand, a pearl clasp has the potential to liven up any piece you’re working with. You should also take into account the color of your pearls when choosing bracelet clasps. Gold clasps are a gorgeous complement to pink pearls, while gray pearls and silver clasps make a fabulous pairing, as well. Take mental stock of your current wardrobe and opt for a pearl clasp pairing that would mesh well with most of your pieces.

Choosing the right bracelet clasp can open up a new world of opportunity for your pearl piece. If you choose gold, you can then pair it with gold earrings or a luxe gold necklace, creating a cool mix that will remain stylish during any season. If you’ve got several pearl bracelets in your wardrobe, choose bracelet clasps in different metals to create a versatile selection you can choose from any day of the week. A clasp with gemstones is ideal for dressy looks, while basic clasps are a great option for the office and everyday wear.

A pearl bracelet is an easy, effortless way to inject a dose of glam into your outfit. They’re especially appreciated because unlike a necklace or earrings which are meant to be viewed by others, pearl bracelets can be viewed by you, the wearer, to provide a small touch of joy every time she looks down at your wrist.  Whether you purchase a pearl bracelet for you or for a loved one, this one piece alone is capable of elevating your look in absolutely no time. Use pearls to add an unmistakable dose of timeless style to any and all of your spring, summer, fall, and winter looks.