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[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#C0C0C0″ background_color=””]W[/eltdf_dropcaps]ork is one of the essential parts of human lives because everybody wants to be sought-after specialists. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to compose your own resume so that to get the job of your dream. Resume or CV (from the Latin “curriculum vitae” – short biography) is your visiting card as a specialist. This is the first thing seen by the recruiter who wants to find a new member of a company. collected the best recommendations on how to make your CV perfect.

Resume as a Key to Success

Writing the CV, you should remember about some important points, for example, about crucial psychological aspects, the purpose of CV creation and the business style. Thus, to make a good CV, use the following tips:

  1. Mind the structure – The CV should have a concise structure similar to different official documents because you will have only one chance to be invited to the job interview. Therefore, try to organize your CV in a most appropriate way. Special job sites usually have their own models of resume creation. So, you may use them to make your CV well-ordered.
  2. Observe the size – Brevity is a sister of talent; therefore, a typical CV should take one page. If you are a highly-qualified professional and have a great working experience, your CV may take two pages, but this size is maximum, so try to avoid including unnecessary information to keep within the limit.
  3. Mind the layout – The whole text of your CV must follow certain formatting. Choose a single model of layout and apply it to the document. Avoid various effects in such documents because they look too informal. Traditional “Times New Roman” font of size 12 will be the best choice for business purposes.
  4. Choose a good photo – Some recruiters evaluate the appearance of candidates. It is important for vacancies that presuppose communication with other people, especially if you will be a so-called “face” of a company. Thus, if you want to have such a job, you must attach a photo to your CV. Select a serious photo – it is even better to opt a studio photo. However, this is entirely optional and is the matter of your choice.
  5. Skip personal information – Such information as marital status and the presence of children is not so important to be mentioned in your CV. Put your professional skills in the first place. If some personal information is important for the concrete vacancy, HR manager would specify it during the telephone call or job interview in a company.
  6. Choose a chronological order for your working experience – Certainly, the section of working experience must be the most substantial in your CV. Thus, choose a reverse chronological order to form it well; it is regarded to be the most suitable and most professional approach to presenting your experience, from the earliest to the latest.

We hope that these simple recommendations will help you create a substantial CV and find your dream job. You may also look through professional pieces of advice at Forbes where professional recruiters or “head hunters” reveal all secrets of a successful resume.