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So, your friend through this awesome party which everyone is talking about, and now that it is your turn to be the host, and you want to surpass it? Great you have come to the right place.

For every party, it’s theme is the most important thing; it makes or breaks your party’s success. A good theme of a party can make sure that the guests are enjoying. It also makes the planning easy. The theme of the party is the first thing that you should decide on, and once you decide on the theme, planning in accordance becomes incredibly easy.

If you are planning to throw a party and want to make it the talk of the town, you need to come up with a fantastic theme for your party and arrange the food and decor accordingly. We decided to help you in that department. Here are 10 fantastic themes that will make your next party a hit.

1) The “black and white” party: If you want to go the classy route, there is nothing better than the “age old” theme “black and white”. Decorate your house in the monochrome color. And in your black and white invitations, ask your guests to dress in black and white.

2) The “bring out the kid in you” party: Who doesn’t want to go back to their childhood or feel like a child again? You can be the one who makes them travel in time and enjoy like a kid. Plan your party like a kid’s party. One great idea in this regard can be set up a bouncy castle in the garden. You can easily get your hands on a company which can help you in bouncy castle hire Auckland under $100.

3) The “80s” party: The 80s, the years of “all that is bling and colorful”. You can choose to go the 80s way as this theme would be very fun. Invite people is the most extravagant way and ask them to dress up like the era. There is no way in the world that this party is going to be “not good”.

4) The “hippie” party: If you are in the mood of a laid back and chill party, then “the hippie” is the way to go. Keep the decorations inspired by the hippie lifestyle. Ask your guests to dress up in their best “hippie” attires. Hookah corners, colorful cushions, and flowers are a must at this party.

5) The “book lover’s” party: There is so much that you can do if you choose this theme. One great idea would be to make it a “book exchange party”; a party where the guests can bring their favorite books and exchange them with each other.

6) The “superhero” party: Time to dress up. If you have got a group of friend who jumps on any given opportunity to dress up, this is just the theme for you. As far as the decorations are concerned, you should know that you have to channel your “superhero” fan. Ask all your friends to arrive dressed up as their favorite superhero.

8) The “rock and roll” party: Ask all your guests to draw some inspiration from their favorite rockstar and dress up like them. This party is truly gonna be rocking as you can dance all night to your favorite rock and roll tunes.

9) The “Hawaiian” party: If you can’t go to Hawaii, get Hawaii to you. If you go for this theme, you will enjoy decorating way too much and dress up, even more. Coconut water is a must, don’t miss that.