Looking for a wedding dress? Well, we’ve put together an overview of the best trends in wedding dresses for you to peruse. So read on to find inspiration for your wedding dress.

vintage wedding dress
Wedding photo by Smart Courses

Vintage Chic

Wedding dresses with a vintage look have proven particularly popular in recent months, including the 1950’s prom dress style, 1940’s tea dress, 1930’s bias cut or 1920’s flapper style. Dresses with a vintage style give you a plethora of choice from precious original models to high street reproductions or designer re-imaginations. What’s more, there’s a vintage-inspired dress to suit all shapes and sizes of budgets.

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Elegant Lace

Since Kate Middleton walked down the aisle and became The Duchess of Cambridge, lace has once again become a favorite of wedding dress designers, and it doesn’t show any sign of going away. Lace strikes just the right note of quality, craftsmanship, and style. In fact, Kate’s utilized this beautiful fabric once again at Ascot this year, where she sported a white lace Alexander McQueen dress to great effect. Lace provides the perfect mixture of elegance and sophistication, making covered shoulders or a high neckline look anything but frumpy.

wedding dress bride sheer
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A hint of mystique

Create a sense of mystique by wearing a wedding dress that incorporates sections of sheer fabric, giving a semi-transparent, gossamer-like look. Use sheer fabrics over nude fabric underlays, incorporate embellishments or simply use multiple layers, to create a soft, floaty and romantic look.

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Floral details

Floral details remain a popular element of wedding dress designs, with flower-inspired embellishments still a key feature of many bride’s outfits. If you are buying an off-the-peg wedding dress, incorporate floral embellishments from your local haberdashers to give your dress a unique look.

wedding dress colored

Opulent fabrics

Opulent fabrics such as heavy silk damasks and duchess satins have been a striking element of recent wedding dress designs, rarely requiring any further embellishments or accessories, given their luxurious look. These fabrics often utilized in rich colors such as deep creams and gold – for a decadent look.

wedding jumpsuit

Jumpsuits and trouser suits

Yes, we know this is meant to be a blog about wedding dresses, but we would be doing our job if we didn’t mention that another prominent trend is not to wear a dress at all. Not that doesn’t mean wearing your birthday suit, but what it does mean is potentially wearing a jumpsuit or trouser suit for a wedding outfit with a striking, pared down style. These suits create a structured, tailored look, quite unlike their voluminous counterparts. Look at Emilia Wickstead’s “Margarite” jumpsuit for proof that simpler is better and cut a dash when you walk down the aisle.

geometric mermaid wedding dress

Geometric cuts

In fact, a key trend in wedding dress design is that less is more – hence outfits with more modish, geometric cuts are making their presence felt. Outfits with a geometric cut, create a crisp, distinct look far removed from their more embellished and busy cousins.

colored wedding dress

Consider colour

Though white is still the color of choice for the majority of wedding dresses, a striking component of New York Bridal Fashion Week, was the use of unexpected colors, including blue in the designs of Ines DiSanto and YolanCris.

So there you have our overview of current wedding dress trends, from utilizing specific fabrics such as lace or damask to choosing a distinctive cut and style for your outfit, the options are numerous and varied. You are bound to find a wedding dress that will make you feel the belle of the ball. To make your special day one to remember, choose a private French chateau for wedding hire, providing the perfect setting to show off your stunning wedding dress.

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