The use of branded apparel is a great way to ensure that your employees and customers appreciate and remember you. To create a positive impact on your business you need to make sure that your brand apparel is out of the ordinary. Companies like Brand RPM with in-house designers and commercial screen printing expertise are known for offering striking branded apparel. Whether you use a professional service or choose to design and print your own for your small team, here are 5 ways you can also make yours stand out.

1. Be Original

Outstanding branded apparel should not only be attractive and witty, but it should be original as well. It should have charisma; otherwise, it won’t deliver the desired result. This has nothing to do with how you design the apparel, but it has everything to do with how the apparel makes you feel.

When someone looks at it, it should reduce a feeling of excitement or curiosity. For instance, a nicely crafted logo can arouse someone’s interest. If you can’t come up with something original that makes your brand stand out, it may not attract the desired attention.

2. Invest in Quality

Cheap or poorly designed apparel may be worn for a day, but it may not become someone’s wardrobe favorite. Conversely, the apparel may have an exceptional design, but the fabric is of low quality, and will not deliver the desired impact.

It’s imperative that you invest in quality material, such as 100% cotton, which will allow a great print without compromising the comfort. Never settle for less when it comes to choosing material for your branded apparel. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money.

3. Color Choice

If you want your branded apparel to stand out, think beyond black and white. You should realize that color expresses theme, style, and mood. Likewise, there are color effects such as garment dyeing and enzyme washes. You can use a single-color imprint for the design; however, adding more color can increasingly enhance the look.

Similarly, you can stick with your traditional brand colors or go with the latest trends. You can also get more insight from Colour Lovers.