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Veer Foundation Review

veer foundation review

About once a year, a popular foundation comes along that gets us all excited to see just what it can do for our makeup routine. Some of those products are okay, but never really live up to the “amazing results” that beauty editors say they will. Some of these products are just real stinkers and go straight to the trash can. Meanwhile, some of these products turn out to be a Godsend. The problem is knowing when to invest in these pricier foundations and when to pass them by. Like me, you have probably been burned a time or two and about as eager to try a new product now as you are to hold a feral cat.

The latest of makeup revelations is one that you have probably already heard about if you utilize social media to aid in purchasing your beauty products. Facebook users have sung Veer’s praises, but many of us went ahead and overlooked these reviews thanks to all those times we thought we were buying into a miracle product only to be left with a cakey face that looked like we needed a miracle worker.


When I saw the Sharpie test videos that Veer was putting out, I, of course, went straight to YouTube to see real people try the test too. I have trust issues. I never trust the experiments on a product’s own site.

Time and time again, I watched as women marked all over their face with a Sharpie… on purpose… and then used a very tiny amount of Veer to cover it with a foundation brush. The results were incredible. Since I have tried many YouTube beauty ideas only to be left looking like a caked-on cake-face, I was still a little reluctant when I purchased my own bottle – but I did. And here is what I discovered…


I have tried other methods of filling out wrinkles. Unfortunately, most brands who claim to cover wrinkles can make them worse by seeping into lines, drying and then making you look older than you actually are by several years. Veer Cosmetics, however, proved to be a winner for wrinkle reduction. I kept waiting on the foundation to settle into my lines, but it didn’t.

veer foundation review


The main feedback that most Veer Cosmetics reviews pinpoint is a Sharpie test of the reviewer’s own. Thus, I wanted to try my own Sharpie test too. It was actually a lot of fun. When I put on the Veer Foundation in the nude shade, it covered the Sharpie!

Veer Cosmetics is a brand that has finally lived up to beauty editor hype. I may try a different color next time, but besides not landing the perfect shade, I think I have landed the perfect foundation. The good news is if you do choose the wrong shade, you can send it back for free and exchange it for the right shade.

Veer Cosmetics can be purchased on their official website, You can also visit to read real reviews from real customers.