wide trouser trend 2017 collage

If you buy one piece of statement clothing this summer, make it a pair of wide-legged trousers. Skinny jeans so tight everyone knows exactly how much change you have in your pockets has been on the wane since the last 2000s.Now it’s high time to branch out – far, far out!

Wide leg trousers are the new legwear trend du jour – and for good reason. While you might have heard that wide legged trousers are a poor fit for shorter builds, you’ll be surprised by just how versatile these fresh designs really are. Wonderful for impactful, on-trend summer dressing, wide legged trousers range from the incredibly elegant and formal to the fun, flirty and casual – perfect for matching with any look.

So, which type of trouser should you try? And how should you style your new summer look? We’ve compiled a few fashion essentials which will help you work that wide angle…

1. Be materialistic

The material your wide legged trews of choice are made from will have a big impact on their formality. While stiffer, more easily tailored fabrics make exquisitely cut wide leg trousers, ideal for work and formal wear, softer, silkier options are more versatile – as en pointe on the beach as they are at an evening event. For a more casual, everyday look, opt for denim or a looser, laid-back fabric such as cotton.

2. Get some perspective

The size of wide-legged trousers (which are very bottom heavy) will seriously shift your silhouette. If you’re not used to wearing volume, you may need to rethink your usual look. With so much shape and attention drawn to the lower half of your outfit, contrasting with a much smaller, much more fitted top will help create balance and ensure your frame doesn’t look swamped. Try teaming your wide legged trousers with a form-fitting body suit, a crop top or an off-the-shoulder shirt to get the proportions just right.

3. Embrace the drama

Your mother might have warned you to steer clear of drama, but this isn’t the case when it comes to wide-legged trousers. With so much fabric and volume to play with, embracing the extra movement, shape, texture, and color can take your look from pedestrian to bang on trend. A wide leg trouser may feel adventurous on its own, but trust us, embracing a little extra “flare” and wearing it with confidence looks like a million bucks.

4. Watch your waist

Another fun, perspective-shifting aspect of wide leg trousers is their ability to make your waist look teeny tiny. To really nail this look, opt for a high-waisted, cinched in a pair of trouser with plenty of volumes which skims over your curves, highlighting your waist. It’s the ultimate route to a gorgeous hourglass figure on a wide array of body shapes – trust us!

5. Respect your elders

It’s commonly said that fashion is cyclical – and we couldn’t agree more. The high-waisted, wide legged trousers of the 40s and 50s are definitely inspiration worth drawing from if you want to get the whole look spot on. For more casual, youthful styles, look to the grungy, baggy looks of the 1990s. Make sure you don’t go full 70s though, those hippy flares are still not quite ready for a real comeback…

Have you jumped into the wide-legged trouser trend already? Where do you get your style inspiration? Share your favorite looks with other readers below.