Shoes. They can be a nuisance, but also a necessity. They can be the piece de resistance to a great outfit or a comforting finish to a lazy day. Either way, you definitely need more than one pair, even if shoes aren’t necessarily your thing. However, when it comes to shoes, there are certain pairs that are a must, and then those that are a bust. When you walk into your closet later, here are the five shoes you should find at least one pair of. If not, it’s time to go shopping.

gucci sneakers flower embroidery street style

1. Sneakers

Even if you don’t workout or do any type of physical activity, sneakers are a must. They are comfortable and durable, and they are great for those spur-of-the-moment adventures. From taking a day trip shopping with your girlfriends to hiking the biggest trail to simply staying in shape, a good pair of sneakers can keep your feet from aching. Spend time looking for the right pair that fits your specific needs while also matching your style. You can find some at traditional shoe stores, but you may want to head to a specialty store where they can customize the shoe to perfectly fit your tootsies.

red flat shoes

2. Flats

Flats are the best complement to fashion because they go with anything. A nice pair of flats, whether you opt for a solid color or pick something with a little more flair, is great for work and play. After all, they pair well with jeans to cute summer dresses. These also come in a variety of styles to choose from, so pick your favorites between loafers to ballet flats and everything in between. And should the shoe fit, you can snag some in multiple colors.

valentino rockstud heels

3. Heels

Although learning to walk in heels is similar to a baby calf walking for the first time, a nice pair of heels can be exactly what you need to dress up an outfit and put on the finishing touches. If you’re not comfortable in heels, you can start with a kitten heel for some added leverage while then working your way up to something taller, should you so choose. When paired with the right outfit, heels can work like flats in both black tie and lazy Sunday ensembles.

Ankle boots shoes

4. Boots

There are so many types of boots out there, and a smart lady will have one of every kind. Ankle boots are great for jeans or leggings, providing you with a comfortable and cute approach to footwear. Taller boots, such as those below the knee, work well with leggings, jeans, and even skirts, creating a shoe you can wear all the time. Opting for the uncommon, such as Old Gringo boots or over-the-knee boots, is also a great choice. You may not find an occasion to wear them every day, but who says you have to?

pom pom sandals shoes

5. Sandals

When the summer comes, sandals will be a great addition to an outfit while also keeping you cool. With so many choices, from flip-flops to wedges, there is definitely a pair of sandals that work well with your feet and needs. Take some time to the store to see what’s available and what best matches your style, then pick your favorite from there.

Even those who don’t consider themselves shoe lovers will be happy to know there are options in the closet. Start with these five basics, and you can start working your way up to more and more and more.