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So much of beauty and lifestyle content and advertising is geared toward women, and they do tend to be the primary consumers in these areas, but what about men? Men often feel like they can look any way that’s comfortable for them, and comfort is fine, but what if you want more for your boyfriend or husband?

Men who look their best tend to perform better in the workplace, and they also just generally feel better about themselves, so how can we help our partners look great, even when they’re initially resistant?

Approach It Gently

If you think there are things the man in your life can do to look better, you should be gentle with how you approach it. No one, including men, wants to be made to feel like they look terrible or need to change. Start with small steps rather than trying to go with a full makeover.

Hair Care

While we as women might do an exhaustive search for the right hair stylist, men are often more likely to randomly choose a barber and keep going to that person for years, without giving the whole process much thought.

First, you can help your boyfriend or spouse find the right barber for them. They want someone who understands how to pick the right style for the individual client, and also who listens to input. Other things to think about when choosing a barber include finding someone who himself is well-groomed, and who maintains or works in a clean shop.

You also want to help your partner find a barber who asks for input aside from just what clipper setting to use.

In addition to a great barber and choosing from the best men’s hairstyles, it’s also important that you encourage your partner to use high-quality styling products, so they look polished and put together.


Along with hair, men should also make sure they’re taking good care of their skin. It can help them look younger and fresher. A good cleanser should be at the heart of a skincare routine for men. Too often men will just use the bar of soap that’s in the shower, and the result is dry itchy skin.

It’s important to choose a gentle cleanser, and also to use a lightweight moisturizer every day. Men should also use high-quality razors and always apply sunscreen before leaving the house.


With clothes for men, first and foremost the focus should be on fit. It’s important to find clothes that are the perfect fit for both casual and work situations, and if they don’t fit like a glove, spend the time to take them to the tailor.

Being well-dressed is much more about fit than anything else.

Finally, you can also help the man in your life look his best by making sure he chooses sharp, high-quality shoes and that he even occasionally includes some accessories in his outfit. For example, if he wants to look his best at work, a great belt or a pocket square can go a long way.