summer fashion

As summer 2017 prepares to officially kick off, the eyes of the fashion world are all fixed on the French Riviera for a glimpse of the season’s hottest new looks. This decadent slice of Mediterranean coastline has long been one of the planet’s premier epicenters of style and sophistication, providing trends and inspiration to fashionistas from all corners of the map. So, before we all get caught up in our summer fun frolic, let’s consider some of the elegant women’s couture that celebrities and fashion-forward visitors alike will be donning on the Riviera.

Make no mistake about it, white and light color schemes are poised to rule summer day wear collections. While June to September temperatures on the French Riviera can be mild compared to other popular coastal destinations, a day spent outside walking or lounging in the sun is sure to feel hot. A simple, airy white tank-top paired with a long, alternating blue and white skirt will have you looking fabulous and staying cool from the cafe to shopping to the beach.

Perhaps, there is no better display of the season’s most vibrant couture than on the beaches and in the stylish entertainment venues of Monte Carlo. If you’re hitting the beaches of Monte Carlo, you’ll want to make a statement with your swimsuit. Expect to see plenty of blacks there this summer in both one and two-piece styles. Strappy goodness, expressive cutouts, and clean, refined designs are surefire options to impressively turn heads.

Of course, amazing sun hats are essential for showcasing your style while protecting yourself against the Mediterranean rays. Whether your taste is a wide-brimmed straw hat or a compact fedora, consider going with a classic neutral brown color and black ribbon accent. This look is timeless and easily complements any warm weather casual outfit.

They say diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but in the French Riviera, that title undoubtedly goes to shoes. We’re not math wizards here, but the equation French Riviera plus summer plus fab shoes probably equals heaven. For daytime wear, a pair of flat, comfortable strappy sandals is fun, functional, and sexy. Pick a time-honored solid color like brown, white, black, or blue to best fit the rest of your garb for the day.

And while we’re speaking of shoes, we’ll just acknowledge that the pair you wear during the day won’t be the same when you head out for the evening. When the sun goes down, trade the flats for a glamorous set of heels. Once again, a classic solid color choice works best. You can pair black heels with a black, V-neck cocktail dress and be the showstopper at any fancy dinner party or club. Who needs dessert when you look this sweet?

If you’re one for flair, take that same black dress and, instead, sport it with red heels for an irresistible accent. It’s worth noting that you don’t need to scamper around in skyscraper stilettos, either. A standard height heel between 2.5 and 3.5 inches (6.4 and 8.9 cm) is perfect for getting noticed and still being able to walk the next day.

Thanks to the power of online price comparison shopping and a variety of retailers selling high fashion look-alike items, you don’t need to be a Kardashian or Greek shipping heiress to dress like you belong on the Riviera this summer. Just use the Mediterranean for inspiration. Then, pair it to your budget and create your own unique wardrobe for endless sun and fun!