Are you looking for an instant whitening lotion? Like your going to get whiter & brighter skin the moment you applied it? Then continue reading this Body Luxe Magic Lotion review. This product is really like magic!

It’s part of the package I received from House of Vanity. For a recap, Body Luxe by House of Vanity Enterprise is committed to bringing the best and affordable All Natural Skin Care and Body Products to the Philippine market. And now back to the product…

body luxe magic lotion review

What is it?

Body Luxe Magic Lotion with Glutathione and Collagen is an instant skin whitening lotion that is non-sticky and results to instant whitening with a smoothening effect that blends well into your skin. This is like those instant whitening lotions that are very popular in South Korea that you could find in Althea. Speaking of, check out these Althea PH Coupon Code to get a discount on your shopping spree.

But Body Luxe Magic Lotion is made in the Philippines and it contains Glutathione, a known whitening agent that works against skin darkening by reducing melanin formation and promoting skin exfoliation. It restores skin to look young and vibrant and get rid of uneven skin color and other pigmentation problems. It also provides protection against the harmful UV rays that destroy collagen, it is added with SPF 30 for your daily use.

What’s in it?

  • Glutathione works to clear the body of free radicals and toxins that can lead to serious skin problems like hyperpigmentation and melasma, as well as more common ones like sun spots.
  • Collagen is a protein that’s important for the skin. There are a number of different types of collagen. The amount and quality of collagen in your skin significantly affects your appearance. Soluble collagen is designed to easily pass through the skin’s pores. Collagen helps maintain the firmness of the skin and reduces the signs of aging. Body Luxe Magic Lotion is enriched with soluble or hydrolyzed collagen. In this case, the collagen molecules have been broken down into much smaller fragments, which are able to penetrate the skin’s surface.


APPLICATION: Body Luxe Magic Lotion really makes my skin smooth, brighter, and non-sticky. But it doesn’t really blend easily to the skin as promised. The Magic Lotion has a thick consistency so you need to rub your skin a little more than a regular drugstore lotion to blend it well into your skin.

body luxe magic lotion review collage

PACKAGING: Body Luxe Magic Lotion is packaged in a transparent plastic bottle that you could easily squeeze, which I like so I know how much I already used and I can control how much product to dispense. The cap is also easy to open and tight enough for the product not to spill out in your bag.

body luxe magic lotion review packaging collage

SMELL: Body Luxe Magic Lotion smells like a sweet combination of soap and baby powder. It does not sting, instead, the smell is quite relaxing.

RESULT: As promised, Body Luxe Magic Lotion does really instantly whiten, smoothes, and brightens your skin. It will literally happen as soon as you applied it! Although it takes a little more effort to blend it on your skin, it really works. See the photo below, but please don’t mind my unshaven legs.

body luxe magic lotion review result


PROS: Instant whitening, smoothing, and brightening lotion that smells like a relaxing scent of soap and baby powder. It also has an SPF 30 which is a good daily protection from harmful UV rays in a tropical country. Lastly, it’s affordable, it only cost Php130! Products like this from K-beauty brands or other local drugstore brands cost more than twice.

CONS: Despite the fast results, these are only temporary especially the whitening.

Would I buy it again? Personally, I don’t use whitening lotions because I like my naturally tan skin. So I’ll probably buy this again as a gift for my skincare-obsess friends. But if you like a whiter skin (and I don’t judge your preference) then go for this affordable product!

Where to buy?

Body Luxe Magic Lotion is available in House of Vanity’s website for Php130 each. If you’re in Davao City, you can find House of Vanity in No. 524 Corner Loyola & Porras Street, Bo. Obrero Davao City. You can also find them through their Facebook page and their products are available in Lazada. If you prefer Lazada, check out Voucher Follow and check out their Lazada Philippines Voucher Code to get a discount.

**I received the product mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by the brand or its affiliates.