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[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#C0C0C0″ background_color=””]T[/eltdf_dropcaps]here’s no denying the power of a good set of pearls, but unfortunately, not all pearls are created equal. You may have noticed that your pearls have gotten worn or stretched out over time, making you hesitant to wear them lest they break further or make your outfit look drab rather than darling.  Fortunately, pearl restringing is an affordable way to make your pearls look good as new so they can be worn daily without fear of damage or distress.  A pearl necklace or bracelet can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars – why let this fashionable treasure collect dust in your jewelry box?  For just a fraction of that price, you can have your pearls restrung to have them look as good as new.  Once you’re done, consider the following ways in which you can maximize the bang for your buck and get the most out of your pearl jewelry on a daily basis.

Office Attire

In the past, you may have kept your pearl jewelry reserved for special occasions, but only wearing it once a year is doing you (and your pearl strands!) a huge disservice. Pearls are a fabulous option for the office, so don’t sleep on the opportunity to break them out of the jewelry box on any given day you’d like an extra kick in your step. If you go-to office look includes a polished suit and heels, a pearl necklace or pearl stud earrings may be just what you need to elevate the look in no time. Opt for a suit in a bold shade, like cobalt blue, and use pearls to create a sleek balance. Not only will pearls help maintain an air of professionalism, but they can also be taken for a nighttime spin with a simple swap for a sheath dress. Pair these classy looks with a pair of pumps to seal the deal on yet another stylish ensemble.

Weekend Fun

A proper set of pearls is as versatile as jewelry pieces come. Create a look you’ll love this season by pairing your pearls with pieces that celebrate the season. For the spring and summer months, a flirty floral dress can be made classic with pearl studs and a trendy choker or a pair of subtle pearl drop earrings. Have a long necklace you don’t love anymore? You can actually have it restrung into a choker if you want! Rock the combination with wedge heels and a denim jacket for an adorable look that’s as comfortable as it is casual. To keep things even more casual, pair pearl stud earrings with a vintage T-shirt, distressed denim and ankle boots for a laid-back look.

Prim and Proper

Pearls are versatile, and there are few pieces of jewelry more fitting for dressy occasions. Your spring and summer calendar may be filled with everything from weddings, to brunches, and Sunday mass in between – even Princess Diana wore pearls to dress up!! For a sleek wedding look, combine a pearl necklace with a patterned midi dress in an A-line shape. Flattering and fabulous, this chic combination will keep you looking effortlessly elegant all night long. For more casual outings, like to a Sunday brunch, pair pearl stud earrings with a trendy jumpsuit and bold sunglasses. Experimenting with different styles and silhouettes is a stellar way to make the most out of a timeless set of pearls.