wrist watch

I remember one episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted Mosby dated someone “not almost 21 years old.” Besides being Barney’s half-sister (sorry, spoiler!), and way too young to date her brother’s best friend. She finds it “adorable” that Ted is still wearing a watch because people just look at their phones now to know the time. Which is kinda true, since most millennials are slaves to their smartphones. And with the recent popularity of smartwatches, it made me wonder, are watches becoming obsolete?

As a millennial myself, I’m telling you, they are definitely not obsolete. Not because I love wearing and collecting watches, it’s because they are a classic staple. Below are the five reasons why wrist watches are not going out of style.

1. Wrists Watches Are Convenient

Smartphones won’t keep you punctual. Watches do. Even if there’s an app to make you punctual. A wrist watch is the most convenient way to tell the time because a phone could distract you. There are so many apps, it’s tempting not to click just one when you check your phone. Plus phones and even the smartwatches needed to be charged depends on their battery’s capability. And let’s be honest, charging can be a drag.

2. Design & Function Fall Short on Smart Watches

Apple Watches partnered with fashion brands like Hermes so they have stylish straps. But that’s it, the actual function of smartwatches in our daily lives are still debatable. Personally, I only find the smartwatches helpful for the athletic people such as runners. They can record their heartbeat, take calls, and read text messages while running without taking out their phones from their pockets. But with a non-athletic person, I honestly don’t see the use for another device that needed to be plug in a charger.

3.  Craftsmanship

There are many different types of watches. There are diver’s watches that can withstand insane depths beyond what a human could withstand. Try doing that with a smartwatch, you’ll end up buying a new one. While some watches, like the Omega Spectre used by Daniel Craig in his James Bond movie, are designed to stay accurate in environments with very high radiated frequencies and high magnetic fields. You know, like the CERN Super Collider mentioned in the movie and book Angels & Demons. The craftsmanship of these kinds of watches with sophisticated mechanism are still incomparable and still, couldn’t get perfected by electronic companies.

4. It’s a Great Heirloom

Rolex Watches are the “diamonds” of men. If diamonds are girls’ best friend, then a watches are boy’s best friend. If women pass down their jewelry to their daughters and granddaughters, men pass down their watches to their sons and grandsons. But even women do that, my grandmother passed down one of her watches to me.

Also, besides being a man’s status symbol, and a very awesome birthday and anniversary gift, did you know that a watch like Rolex is a man’s “engagement ring?” That is according to GQ, so you better check out Chrono24 for your special someone.