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As we head towards the summer months, you want to make sure you come out on top in the fashion stakes.   In order to do this, you need to pay attention to the latest trends. Then you need to invest your hard earned cash on a clothes shopping trip in the city. Check out Barneys New York, and prepare for some serious fashion shopping.

Take a look at our three top tips for the fashion trends you can expect this summer. Hopefully, you can use them wisely, and make sure you are ahead of the game.

summer 2017 trends

Wearing your wallpaper

We definitely do not want you to take us literally with this one. Let your actual wallpaper stay firmly attached to your walls, while you opt for something much more practical. From trouser suits to dresses; this summer is bright, bold and floral.

This trend features in the collections of some of the top names, including Dolce & Gabbana and Chloe. It’s sure to be a hit in more off the peg outfits too. If you are stepping out this summer, make sure that you think floral in at least some of your outfits.

ruffles summer 2017 street style

Those go to ruffles

There is no doubt that ruffles will be big news this summer. They feature in collections from many of the big labels, including Marc Jacobs and Mulberry. This is not all about one look either. You can opt for ruffles with a romantic flow, and pair them with florals, for an ultra-feminine look. If you prefer something with a harder edge, you do not need to worry. Leather ruffles and a punk-inspired ruffle look, are also circulating.

If you want to follow a trend, but put your own stamp on it, ruffles may be a good choice for you this summer.

dolce gabbana logo detail fashion runway spring trend luxury clothing logos

Saying it all

Logo tees are nothing new; yes, we do remember the 80s. But they are back with a bang. You can opt for a feminine design but be bold with what you have to say. Make a political statement, to get your point across in an eye-catching way. Alternatively, you can choose to be fun and quirky. Slogan tees are a great way of really getting your personality across in what you wear. Pair them with a maxi skirt and you have a fresh and cool look for hanging out in the hot weather.

If you are spoiling yourself with a full-on shopping spree, you need to make sure that you do not waste your money check out these deals in Debenhams. Hopefully, the trends we have looked at will help to inspire you. It’s also important to remember that following a trend does not mean you cannot still be an individual.

You know your own personality best; do not be afraid of expressing it. Take the latest trends and adapt them to your style. This way you stay in touch with the crowd, but you still manage to stand out and save money on shopping.