Planning a new hairstyle every day, which is sexy and stylish, can be tough. We just follow the same old pattern of tying a bun or bunching our hair all up altogether, especially when battling the sweltering summer heat! But for how long and for how many days can a girl continue with the same old boring styling techniques? Right?

guide to styling your hair

Do not worry gals, we are here to play fairy godmother and solve this your hair styling troubles. With a wave of our magic wand, we are going to wipe away all your hair styling woes in a jiffy!

How you ask? With some simple and effective hair hacks and tips that will help you have lustrous locks. Yes, these tips will make you the modern-day Rapunzel, and the cynosure of all eyes!

Tips For Perfect Blow Dried Hair

guide to styling your hair - salon

How hard is it to give your hair a perfect and a decent blow dry? Is it that hard? NO! You just have to follow these simple, yet effective steps.

Step 1: Start by working in sections. Use alligator clips to help divide the hair into sections. This will help keep them in place.

Step 2: Soaking wet hair is a complete no-no. Dry the ends first, moving the dryer around swiftly and fluff the hair with your fingers.

Say NO to straightener, curling irons – lock them away! Your dryer and a good-quality nylon bristle brush are sufficient for the perfect blow to dry just be sure to choose a quality hair dryer –  you can find some good options which have been reviewed by Groom+Style!

Perfect Brush For Rapunzel-Like Tresses

There are several brushes one can use to smooth out long, short, frizzy, and flat hair. But before proceeding, make the three B’s your mantra: Bristles, Barrel size, and Brush shape.

Use a paddle brush for detangling your tresses. Padded with flexible bristles and a cushioned back, the brush will reduce hair breakage. Always start brushing from the ends, and move up to prevent snags.

If you are always rushed then the vented brush is the answer to your prayers. It’s perfect for gals who have no time for styling their hair. If you have voluminous and thick hair, we suggest you invest in a bristled teasing brush. This is pretty sturdy and does not break when used!

Dos And Don’ts For Healthy Hair

Who doesn’t like to good, right? But in the midst of following hair trends, we tend to overlook the need to nourish our hair. Ladies, we cannot stress how important it is to invest in a good shampoo, conditioner, and a serum. Make sure you comb your hair in the morning to rid it of grime. A wide-toothed comb should be in your hair care arsenal, to brush wet hair easily.

Wear a scarf or cap in direct sunlight to protect the hair from damage. Also, remember to drink plenty of water and steer clear from junk food to have lustrous locks!

Five Hacks For Stylish Hair

Want to slay it like a diva? Here are some handy hair hacks to take you through the day, no mess and no fuss!

Hack 1: Use bobby pins to keep your hair in place. Use a goody pin if you don’t like bobby pins!

Hack 2: Use the wavy portion of the ponytail to wrap it around the hair tie. Voila! You have sexy hair instantly!

Hack 3: Use an eyeshadow that matches your hair color, to impart a thicker look to your tresses.

Hack 4: Want to keep fishtail braid straight and tight? Tie it sideways!

Hack 5: Rushed, but want a stylish look? Tuck-in your hair inside a headband in little waves to get a super cool look!